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Commercial Blast Chillers & Blast Freezers

Check the competitive prices of our commercial blast chillers/blast freezers, commonly known also as flash freezers or shock freezers! Buying a new industrial blast chiller, you will have the guarantee of a high quality product and telephone full assistance in case of need.

Do not buy a used blast freezer/chiller to flash freeze your products and spare money! Trust Chefook and you will get the best value for money!


Commercial Blast Chillers/Freezers

R290 gas
Professional Blast Chiller For Home 3 Trays 2/3 Gn CHEFOOK
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€ 1.348,00
€ 799,00
(+ IVA € 175,78)
R290 gas
CHEFOOK Commercial Blast Chiller 3 Levels CHABB23T+TG
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€ 1.399,00
€ 839,00
(+ IVA € 184,58)
Cod. CHABB23T+BA23020+GR23AI
R290 gas
5 Tray Classic Blast Chiller/Freezer
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€ 1.499,00
€ 1.229,00
(+ IVA € 270,38)
R290 gas
5 Tray Classic Blast Chiller/Freezer
Not available
€ 1.549,00
€ 1.349,00
(+ IVA € 296,78)
R290 gas
Commercial Blast Chiller 5 Levels CHABB5TGP+3BA11020
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€ 1.499,00
€ 1.274,00
(+ IVA € 280,28)
Cod. CHABB5TGP+3BA11020
R290 gas
7 Tray Classic Blast Chiller/Freezer
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€ 2.950,00
€ 2.299,00
(+ IVA € 505,78)
R290 gas
10 Tray Classic Blast Chiller/Freezer
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€ 3.280,00
€ 2.399,00
(+ IVA € 527,78)
R290 gas
15 Tray Classic Blast Chiller/Freezer
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€ 4.572,00
€ 3.199,00
(+ IVA € 703,78)

Multifunction Blast Chillers/Freezers

Multifunction Blast Chiller 5 GN1/1 trays - 60x40 cm
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€ 4.279,00
(+ IVA € 941,38)
Cod. CHAB5-20TOP
Multifunction Blast Chiller 7 GN1/1  -60x40 cm Trays
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€ 4.969,00
(+ IVA € 1.093,18)
Cod. CHAB7-30TOP
Multifunction Blast Chiller 5 GN1/1 - 60x40 cm trays
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€ 6.689,00
(+ IVA € 1.471,58)
Cod. CHAB10-40TOP
Multifunction Blast Chiller 14 GN1/1 - 60x40 cm trays
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€ 7.279,00
(+ IVA € 1.601,38)
Cod. CHAB14-40TOP
Multifunction Blast Chiller 12 GN2/1 - 60x80 cm trays
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€ 10.649,00
(+ IVA € 2.342,78)
Cod. CHAB12-50TOP

Chefook Commercial Blast Freezers/Chillers: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blast chiller/blast freezer?

A commercial blast chiller/blast freezer, known also as flash freezer or shock freezer, is a piece of commercial refrigeration equipment that allows you to quickly lower the temperature of freshly cooked or raw food, bringing it to an ideal storage temperature in freezers or refrigerators. It allows both blast chilling, during which the core of the freshly cooked food is quickly brought to +3°C, and blast freezing, where the food core is brought to reach -18°C.

What is flash freezing/snap freezing/blast chilling and what is a blast chiller/freezer used for?

Flash freezing (also known as snap freezing or flash freezing) and blast chilling mean counteracting the bacterial load through the use of low temperatures, facilitating the storage of food and raw materials. Microorganisms and bacteria such as anisakis (a dangerous parasite present in fish meat) quickly multiply at temperatures between +8°C and +68°C (46,4° F and 154,4°F). Eating fish infected by these microorganisms can seriously harm your health. All catering activities, including those selling raw fish, have a legislative obligation to use blast chiller/blast freezers.

Generally a blast chiller/freezer is used:

  • In deli shops and in the professional kitchens of bars, pastry shops and bakeries, in order to preserve both raw food and freshly baked products; quickly lowering the temperature of still hot food after the cooking avoids the proliferation of harmful microorganisms that tend to reproduce when it cools spontaneously;
  • In restaurants, to preserve the healthiness of meat, poultry and fish to be eaten raw (sushi), preserving their taste and organoleptic characteristics.
  • In ice-cream shops, to obtain better and easily preserved ice-creams. The Deluxe Blast Chiller/Freezer by Chefook is suitable for ice cream.

What are the advantages of a commercial blast chiller/flash freezer?

The use of a blast chiller/blast freezer allows to extend the average life of food, preserving its organoleptic qualities and eliminating waste. Flash frozen foods maintain their original characteristics, properties and consistency over time.

How much is a blast chiller/shock freezer?

Italian-high quality Chefook new commercial blast chillers/freezers are available at a very competitive price. Click here to check the prices of our flash freezers.

How does a blast chiller/shock freezer work?

Inside the blast freezer/chiller, the food is subjected to very low temperatures, which can reach up to -40°C/ -104°F; this, combined with strong aeration, prevents the formation of water macro-crystals in favour of microcrystals that do not alter food structure and property.

Industrial blast chillers: regulations and obligation of use.

The use of blast freezers/ chillers is made mandatory by Community Regulations 852/2004 and 853/2004 to reduce food waste. If the restaurant supplies fish to be eaten raw, a 1992 law requires to keep the sushi at a temperature of -20°C/68°F for at least 24 hours before consumption.

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