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Refrigerated Drop In / Bain Marie Well

Chefook's refrigerated drop in and bain marie wells are built-in tanks used to keep food cold or hot in trays served in bars, restaurants or delicatessens or distributed within grocery stores.

The stainless steel AISI 304 structure and the Italian manufacture are guarantee of product high quality and durability.


From € 899, 00
(+ IVA € 1.100,00)
From € 899, 00
Cod. VRI
From € 529, 00
(+ IVA € 1.100,00)
From € 529, 00
Cod. VBC

What is a drop in refrigerated well and how does it work?

The drop-in refrigerated well is a refrigerated tank that is recessed into the worktop or display surface. It is commonly used in restaurants, cafeterias or bars to display food to be served while keeping it cold.

Chefook's bain marie hot drop-ins, on the other hand, are used to keep the food in view in your restaurant warm.

Chefook's built-in bain marie hot drop-ins have a temperature range between +30 °C and +90°C (86°F and 194°F), while refrigerated drop-ins can be sorted into positive (+2/+8°C - 35.6°F/46.4°F) or mixed ones. (-5/+5°C - 23°F/41°F).

Both solutions are available in different models depending on the tank capacity. On our website you will find refrigerated drop-in wells with 2, 3 or 4 Gn1/1 containers which can be purchased separately.

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