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If you're looking for the best Italian commercial meat slicer, in this section, you'll find the model that suits you starting from € 355,00!

Commercial Meat Slicers, Best Prices!

€ 448, 00
€ 355, 00
(+ IVA € 78,10)
€ 448, 00
Cod. LUXY25
€ 585, 00
€ 469, 00
(+ IVA € 103,18)
€ 585, 00
Cod. LUXY300
€ 739, 00
€ 614, 00
(+ IVA € 135,08)
€ 739, 00
Cod. AGS250
€ 799, 00
€ 679, 00
(+ IVA € 149,38)
€ 799, 00
Cod. AGS 300 C

Commercial Gravity Meat Slicers

Commercial Vertical Meat Slicers

€ 849, 00
€ 679, 00
(+ IVA € 149,38)
€ 849, 00
Cod. AVS 250 CE/P
€ 1.319, 00
€ 1.070, 00
(+ IVA € 235,40)
€ 1.319, 00
Cod. AVS 300 CE/P BS
€ 2.099, 00
€ 1.695, 00
(+ IVA € 372,90)
€ 2.099, 00

Hand Crank Meat Slicers

€ 3.221, 00
(+ IVA € 708,62)
€ 3.221, 00
Cod. 11302200
€ 3.575, 00
(+ IVA € 786,50)
€ 3.575, 00
Cod. 11357100
€ 7.031, 00
(+ IVA € 1.546,82)
€ 7.031, 00
Cod. F11358402T
€ 619, 00
(+ IVA € 136,18)
€ 619, 00
Cod. SR11001000

Commercial meat slicers: Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose a commercial meat slicer?

Chefook offers the best Italian commercial meat slicers in stainless steel. The type of professional meat slicer sold in our store is suitable for use in butcher shops, delicatessens, restaurants, and bars for slicing meats, ham, cold cuts, or cheeses. All our industrial meat slicers are easy to handle, safe to use, and easy to clean. To purchase the most suitable commercial meat slicer machine for your needs, you will need to consider:

The type of commercial meat slicer: In our catalogue, you will find electric professional slicers or manual meat slicers. Electric catering meat slicers can be vertical or gravity-fed (oblique). Some slicers are automatic.

The intended activity Consider whether you need a catering meat slicer for a delicatessen or a butcher shop.

Deli meat slicers. At Chefook, you will have a wide selection of gravity or vertical slicers suitable for delicatessens, bars, restaurants, or supermarkets.

Choose from:

  • Professional electric gravity or vertical slicers for cold cuts or cheeses of various sizes with a cold cuts arm equipped with a lever.
  • Manual hand slicers for cold cuts.

Butcher’s shop slicers. If you need a slicer for meat, you will find some models available among the large vertical commercial meat slicers. Slicers for meat used in butcher shops have a meat arm equipped with a carriage.

Power supply You can choose between single-phase or three-phase professional meat slicers.

Blade length Choose your industrial meat slicer with a 25, 30, 35, or 37 cm blade.

Size Whether you are looking for a small commercial meat slicer or a large one, at Chefook, you will find the model that suits your needs.

How much does a commercial meat slicer machine cost?

The price of a commercial meat slicer machine on the Chefook’s website starts from just € 355,00. Discover all the professional meat slicers on offer at Chefook.com.

How much power does an industrial meat slicer consume?

The power consumption of an industrial meat slicer depends on the model. The power consumption of the deli meat slicers or butcher meat slicers in our catalogue ranges from 140 watts to 380 watts.

What is a gravity meat slicer?

The gravity meat slicer is ideal for all establishments that need a simple professional meat slicer capable of slicing meat, fish, and cold cuts. It has a carriage slightly inclined towards the blade; the cold cut will thus be pushed towards the plate without the need to lift it, making this type of commercial meat slicer simple and practical to use. Gravity meat slicers are suitable for all activities where maximum precision in slicing is not a priority.

What is a vertical meat slicer?

 The professional vertical meat slicer is designed for delicatessens that require the best performance. The weight of the cold cut is distributed over the entire slicer carriage, ensuring both precise and fine slicing and lower blade consumption. This industrial meat slicer is ideal for cutting heavy cold cuts, fish, and tough meats. Its compactness makes it ideal for venues with limited space such as bars.

What is a manual flywheel slicer?

 The manual ham slicer is a vintage red crank meat slicer with a strong aesthetic impact that can be placed on a pedestal. It has the same functions as the vertical one, ensuring a perfect cut without heating the cold cuts. You can display a manual flywheel slicer in your establishment, with a retro look, which will be operated using a crank.

How to clean a deli meat slicer/ commercial meat slicer?

Clean the commercial meat slicer once or more times a day, preferably every time the product to be sliced is changed. It is recommended to use a damp cloth soaked in a normal liquid detergent, wearing cut-resistant gloves to avoid cuts. For details on how to disassemble to clean the blade, the screws, and other components, refer to the instructions downloadable from each individual product sheet.

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