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Commercial Meat Slicers | Deli Meat Slicers

If you are looking for a commercial meat and deli slicer, in this section you will find the product that best suits you! You can choose among Italian-quality commercial gravity slicers, vertical slicers and manual slicers. They are ideal for use in butchers, delicatessens’, restaurants and bars to slice meat and charcuterie like ham (prosciutto), bacon, salami, but also cheese and vegetables such as aubergines, zucchini and potatoes.

Commercial Meat Slicers, Best Prices!

Gravity Slicer Machine Slanted Blade 250 mm
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€ 448,00
€ 399,00
(+ IVA € 87,78)
Cod. LUXY25
Gravity Slicer Machine Slanted Blade 300 mm
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€ 585,00
€ 489,00
(+ IVA € 107,58)
Cod. LUXY300

Commercial Gravity Meat Slicers

Gravity Slicer Machine Compact Slanted Blade 300 mm
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€ 748,00
€ 649,00
(+ IVA € 142,78)
Cod. AGS 300 C
Gravity Slicer Machine Zaffira Blade 300 mm
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€ 1.030,00
(+ IVA € 226,60)
Cod. 15304C0G02W
Gravity Slicer Machine Zaffira Blade 350 mm
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Commercial Vertical Meat Slicers

Professional Vertical Meat Slicer 250 mm
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€ 679,00
(+ IVA € 149,38)
Cod. AVS 250 CE/P
Professional Vertical Meat Slicer With Clamping Arm 300 mm
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€ 1.070,00
(+ IVA € 235,40)
Cod. AVS 300 CE/P BS
Vertical Meat Slicer Zirconia 350 mm
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€ 1.656,00
(+ IVA € 364,32)
Cod. 153522G02O

Hand Crank Meat Slicers

Volano Slicers Disc 300 mm
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€ 3.221,00
(+ IVA € 708,62)
Cod. 11302200
Volano Slicers Disc 350 mm
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€ 3.575,00
(+ IVA € 786,50)
Cod. 11357100

Vertical, gravity and hand crank meat slicers: which one to choose?

Gravity slicers

Commercial gravity slicers are a convenient choice for all premises that require a simple commercial slicer capable of slicing different types of food, from cold cuts to cheeses.

Thanks to the trolley, which is slightly inclined towards the blade, the meat will be pushed towards the plate without the need to lift it, making this commercial slicer simple and practical to use.

Gravity slicers are suitable for all activities where maximum precision in fine cutting is not a priority.

Commercial Vertical Meat Slicers

Commercial vertical meat slicers are designed for the delicatessens that require the best performance.

The meat weight is discharged on the whole slicer trolley, guaranteeing a fine and precise cut and lower blade consumption.  This commercial slicer is ideal for cutting heavy cold cuts, cheeses, fish and hard meat. Its compactness makes it ideal for small premises.

Hand Crank Meat Slicers

Hand crank meat slicers, known also as flywheel slicers or volano slicers, offer a vintage aesthetic impact and the same functions of vertical commercial meat slicers, guaranteeing razor sharp precision without heating the ham.

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