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Commercial Electric Bains Marie

Chefook's electric bain-marie is the ideal food warmer for restaurants and delicatessens.

You will have the guarantee of a solid and durable Italian catering equipment manufactured in AISI 304 stainless-steel.

Bains Marie 70 Series

€ 895, 00
€ 825, 00
(+ IVA € 181,50)
€ 895, 00
Cod. 20EX7BM4M
€ 1.079, 00
(+ IVA € 237,38)
€ 1.079, 00
Cod. 20EX7BM8M

Bains Marie 90 Series

€ 1.165, 00
€ 791, 00
(+ IVA € 174,02)
€ 1.165, 00
€ 1.542, 00
€ 1.291, 00
(+ IVA € 284,02)
€ 1.542, 00
€ 1.165, 00
€ 1.059, 00
(+ IVA € 232,98)
€ 1.165, 00
Cod. 20EX9BM4M
€ 1.522, 00
€ 1.379, 00
(+ IVA € 303,38)
€ 1.522, 00
Cod. 20EX9BM8M

Commercial Bain-Marie: Frequently Asked Questions

How does a commercial electric bain-marie work?

To operate a commercial electric bain-marie, simply place the food to be cooked inside Gastronorm containers in the stainless-steel tank of the Bain-Marie, which contains boiling water. The tank is heated by stainless steel resistors positioned externally, and temperature is regulated by a thermostat. Cooking occurs indirectly, with the heat from the container gradually warming the food. This setup allows for precise temperature control, and water drainage is facilitated by a dedicated tap.

Utilize the commercial bain-marie for cooking, heating, reviving, or maintaining food—it's both easy to use and maintain.

How much does a catering bain-marie cost?

The price of a catering bain-marie in our store starts from € 791,00.

How to choose your electric Bain-Marie?

On Chefook.com, you can select your electric Bain-Marie based on your desired depth. Options include standing bain-marie units with depths of 70cm or 90cm.

What advantages does the industrial bain-marie offer?

The benefits of utilizing an industrial bain-marie are numerous. This cooking method is ideal for dishes that require careful, slow cooking without direct exposure to flames, providing greater control over the cooking process.

Although using a commercial electric bain-marie may require more time compared to other cooking techniques, it ensures optimal results even with delicate recipes, ensuring food is heated evenly while preserving its properties.

Use the catering electric Bain-Marie to prepare spoon desserts like creams and soufflés, which can be melted without the risk of burning. Bain-Marie cooking is also well-suited for delicate foods such as swordfish and meat, allowing for lighter preparation without compromising flavour.

How to clean the standing bain-marie?

Cleaning the standing bain-marie is simple thanks to its tank with rounded corners. A non-abrasive detergent is all that's needed for maintenance.

Where does the name bain-marie come from?

The method of cooking and warming food using a "bain-marie" has ancient origins, though historical sources differ on who should be credited with its invention.

Some attribute this cooking technique to Myriam, sister of the prophet Aaron, who lived in Egypt centuries before Christ. Others believe it was "Maria the Jewess," an alchemist of the High Middle Ages, who first experimented with cooking food using this method. It appears that Maria did not employ the technique for cooking food, but rather for creating potions and infusions.

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