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Commercial Ice Machines | Ice Makers For Bars, Restaurants and Hotels

In this section you will find commercial Chefook-branded ice machines, also commonly known as ice makers

On Chefook you can buy commercial ice makers of various types such as:

  • Commercial ice making machines producing hollow and Bistrot ice cubes used by bars, hotels, restaurants. These have the shape of a truncated cone.
  • Commercial ice cube machines producing square solid cubes for catering activities that need to serve ice-cold drinks in large quantities.
  • Granular ice machines for refrigerated fish displays and cold buffets.
  • Flake ice machines for food processing, storing and shipping.


Commercial Ice Machines - Bistrot Ice Cube - Special Offers

Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 25 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube *OFFER!*
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€ 828,00
€ 649,00
(+ IVA € 142,78)
Cod. CHFG25
Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 30 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube *OFFER!*
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€ 848,00
€ 689,00
(+ IVA € 151,58)
Cod. CHFG30

Commercial Ice Machines - Bistrot Ice Cube

Commercial Ice Maker For Bars 20 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube
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€ 705,00
(+ IVA € 155,10)
Cod. CHGPN2006W
Commercial Ice Maker For Bars 25 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube
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€ 823,00
(+ IVA € 181,06)
Cod. CHGPN2506W
Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 30 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube CHGPN3010W
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€ 876,00
(+ IVA € 192,72)
Cod. CHGPN3010W
Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 40 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube CHGPN4015W
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€ 1.015,00
(+ IVA € 223,30)
Cod. CHGPN4015W
Commercial Ice Maker For Bars 45 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube
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€ 1.101,00
(+ IVA € 242,22)
Cod. CHGPN4515W
Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 30 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube CHGPN5025A
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€ 1.144,00
(+ IVA € 251,68)
Cod. CHGPN5025A
Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 165 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube CHGPN165A + CHCG000
From € 2.289,00
(+ IVA € 1.177,00)
Cod. CHGPN165A + CHCG000
Commercial Ice Machine for Bars 300 kg Capacity - Bistrot Ice Cube CHGP300A + CHCG000
From € 3.679,00
(+ IVA € 1.177,00)
Cod. CHGP300A + CHCG000

Commercial Ice Machines - Hollow Ice Cube

Industrial Ice Machines - Square Solid Ice Cube

Ice Maker Square Solid Ice Cube - 150 Kg Capacity
From € 2.246,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGQ150A + CHCG000
Ice Maker Square Solid Ice Cube - 250 Kg Capacity CHGQ250A + CHCG000
From € 2.513,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGQ250A + CHCG000
Ice Maker Square Solid Ice Cube CHGQ320A + CHCG000
From € 2.824,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGQ320A + CHCG000
Ice Maker Square Solid Ice Cube CHGQ450A + CHCG000
From € 4.236,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGQ450A + CHCG000

Granular Ice Makers

Commercial Granular Ice Machine 100 kg CHEFOOK
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€ 1.959,00
(+ IVA € 430,98)
Cod. CHGG10015A
Granular Ice Machine 140 kg CHEFOOK
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€ 2.332,00
(+ IVA € 513,04)
Cod. CHGGN14025A
Granular Ice Machine CHGGN300A + CHCG000 ice maker
From € 2.973,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. CHGGN300A + CHCG000
Commercial Granular Ice Machine CHGGN600A + CHCG000 ice maker
From € 3.755,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. CHGGN600A + CHCG000

Flake Ice Machines

Flake ice maker 250 kg
From € 6.344,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGSN250A + CHCG000
Flake Ice Maker 600 kg
From € 7.596,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGSN600A + CHCG000
Flake Ice Maker 1000 kg
From € 9.832,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGSN1000A + CHCG000
Flake Ice Maker 1500 kg
From € 13.439,00
(+ IVA € 11.000,00)
Cod. CHGSN1500A + CHCG000

Commercial ice machines FAQ.

How does the Chefook commercial ice makers work?

The commercial ice cube maker consists of a chiller that cools moulds into which water is constantly sprayed. These moulds begin to fill from the bottom with layers of ice; once full, the flow of water is interrupted and the moulds are slightly heated, so that the ice detaches from the mould and falls into the tank of the ice machine.

This process continues until the ice level inside the tank reaches the thermostat bar that will turn off the machine. The ice maker will remain off until the ice contained inside is used.

In case of granular ice machines, the ice is instead formed in a cylinder, inside which is placed a screw that continuously detaches the ice formed almost instantly on the walls.

What are the dimensions of Chefook's commercial ice machines?

The size of the ice makers varies according to the model purchased. The bar ice machines producing bistrot or hollow cube specifically designed to be embedded in the bar back counter, have smaller dimensions than the models designed to produce larger volumes, as it happens in the case of industrial solid square ice cubes makers, granular ice makers and  flake ice makers.

How do I choose a commercial ice maker?

The choice towards the purchase of a square solid cube, a bistrot solid cube or a hollow cube commercial ice maker as compared to that of a granular or flake ice machine depends on the purpose of use and the ice quantity desire. Here are some tips for each model.

When are bar ice machines producing bistrot solid ice cubes suitable?

Bar ice makers producing bistrot ice cubes (solid ice cubes with a truncated cone shape) are best suited to the classic bar, hotel or restaurant serving drinks such as spritz, cocktails, liqueurs and bitters. For these, it is preferable to use a solid, slowly melting type of ice that does not drown the drinks.

When are commercial ice cube makers producing hollow ice suitable?

The hollow ice cube produced by these commercial ice machines has a large cooling surface that allows drinks to be cooled quickly. For this reason, this ice maker is widely used not only in bars but also in restaurants and hotels that serve wine bottles in a special bucket.

When are industrial ice machine producing square solid ice cubes suitable?

Industrial ice makers producing square solid ice cubes are used by discos, catering companies, holiday villages, cruise ships and other businesses that need to serve ice in large quantities.

When are granular ice makers suitable?

Granular ice makers are most appropriate for fish display. Thanks to the free water (around 25%) contained in the ice produced, they can best maintain the moisture level in the products placed on it. It can also be used for the preparation of cocktails such as Caipirinha and Mojito, to serve wines and champagne using a special bucket, to preserve cold buffets such as fruit and vegetables and finally for therapeutic purposes in wellness centres and spas.

When are flake ice machines suitable?

The high-quality flat flake dry ice produced by this industrial ice machine is characterized by an extensive contact surface and its ability to cool rapidly. It is therefore used on a large scale in supermarkets and fish shops for refrigerated display of fish and other foods, in large restaurants, in food production, transport companies and in the health sector.

Do the ice maker machines sold by Chefook have electronic controls or electromechanical controls?

Bar ice machines that produce truncated solid or hollow cone ice cubes or square ice cubes are all mechanical models that offer the benefit of easy maintenance and repair.

Granular ice makers are more complex industrial ice making machines equipped with electronic boards and sensors that protect the machine from damage caused by water shortages. In case of overloading, the system switches off to avoid damage.

What's the ice machine like?

Ice makers are composed by:

  • A compressor that aims to compress and liquidize the gas needed for refrigeration;
  • Pipes that transport the refrigerant gas and encounter the surface where the water is sprayed or run.

The part where the ice is formed is composed by:

  • "Bells" in the case of solid and hollow cubes.
  • A cylinder in case of granular or flaked ice.

Who should I contact in case the commercial ice maker needs spare parts?

Please contact Chefook’s customer service and provide all the information necessary to identify the component.

In case a manufacturing defect is found, the spare part will be replaced free of charge if the ice machine is under guarantee; if the warranty has expired or the defect is due to errors or carelessness on the part of the customer, the cost of the part  will be charged to the customer.

What should I do if the commercial ice machine doesn't work?

If the commercial ice cube maker is not working, check if the power and water supply are connected; if everything is connected and powered correctly, check that the main switch is set to "on".

If the ice cube machine still does not work, check the integrity of the electronic board fuse and replace it, if necessary.

If none of these checks solve the problem, contact a local technician to have the machine inspected.

Does Chefook distribute domestic ice machines?

Chefook only distributes commercial ice makers commonly used in bars, hotels and restaurants to produce ice in large quantities, from 20 kg to 450 kg (44,1 Lbs to 992 Lbs) depending on the model. However, if you do need an ice maker that can produce ice quickly and in great quality for domestic use, we recommend our built-in ice maker with a capacity of 20Kg (44,1 Lbs).

If I need for a used ice machine, can I find it on Chefook?

Chefook only distributes new commercial ice makers available in our website at competitive prices. You will spend only a little more than a used ice machine.

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