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Commercial Glass Washers for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Need the best high-quality Italian commercial glasswashers for pubs, bars or restaurants that ensure efficiency and reliability? Discover the offers on commercial glasswasher machines by Chefook! Within this section, you will find glasswashers with manual controls.

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Commercial glasswasher machines for pubs and bars: frequently asked questions

What is a commercial glasswasher and what types of commercial activities use it?

A glasswasher is a commercial glassware dishwasher used mainly by bars and pubs to quickly wash cups, mugs, glasses, and wine glasses of any size.

It differs from a commercial dishwasher and a hood dishwasher, which are larger and used by restaurants, hotels, cafeterias for washing not only glasses but also dishes, trays, pots, and cutlery.

How much does a commercial glass washer machine cost?

The price of a commercial glassware washer on the Chefook website starts from € 

 Discover all the offers on industrial glasswashers by visiting Chefook.com.

How to choose an industrial glasswasher?

Our range of glasswashers for sale is specially designed to provide you with maximum performance. You can buy them at unbeatable prices, paying just a little more than you would spend on a second-hand glasswasher!

They come complete with square and round baskets of various sizes and washing cycles specifically designed for your foodservice business. The commercial glasswashers for bar available on Chefook are all electronic with manual displays, of high Italian quality, with detergent and rinse aid dispensers installed. To choose the best commercial glasswasher you will need to consider:

  • The dimensions and maximum height, which vary depending on the commercial glass dishwasher. On Chefook, you will find small or larger glasswashers for bars for every need.
  • The type of basket: glasswashers are available with a square basket or a round basket. For bar glasswashers with a square basket, you can choose between glasswashers with a 35x35 cm or 40x40 cm basket. Restaurant glasswashers with a round basket can be equipped with baskets with a diameter of 35 cm or 40 cm.
  • The duration of the washing cycle. The basic models of Chefook’s glasswashers have a washing cycle of 120 seconds.

What is included with the commercial glassware washers by Chefook?

The commercial glassware washers by Chefok include 1 basket and 1 spoon holder.

How does a glasswasher work?

The operation of an industrial glasswasher is very simple. You just need to start the bar glasswasher using the buttons. The water sucked in by a pump is heated by an internal resistor, then the glasswasher will pick up the detergent. The dirty water will then be discharged via a pump if installed, and then the glasses will be rinsed with water at a higher temperature; at this stage, rinse aid will be used to make the glasses shinier.

How much does commercial glasswasher for bar consume?

Chefook glasswashers consume an average of 3 kWh although the kWh used may vary depending on the model.

What are the advantages of an electronic commercial glass washer?

The electronic commercial glasswasher offers the advantages of detergent and rinse aid dispensers and alarm signals.

Commercial glass washers for bar with a 40 x 40 cm basket: why are they the best-selling?

40 x 40 cm glasswashers for pubs are among the most requested by businesses that must deal with a higher workload. The 40x40cm square basket allows for a greater capacity of glasses compared to glasswashers with a 35x35 cm basket.

What are the most recommended models of commercial bar glass washers for my business?

The electronic bar glasswasher with a 35 x 35 cm basket and a maximum height of 25 cm is one of the most requested models.

What optional accessories do you recommend for the restaurant glass washers?

It is important to emphasize that the commercial glasswasher provided is already functional.

Optional accessories are necessary only in case of existing problems within the system where the machine will be placed.

The drain pump is necessary in the absence of pipe slopes or if the drain connection is too high (sink trap).

Our commercial glasswashers guarantee suitable rinsing and optimal washing, also thanks to the anticalc included in the formula of our rinse aid (in case of hard water, an external softener is still recommended).

Where are the Chefook brand commercial glasswashers machines produced?

Our commercial glasswashers are produced and assembled in Italy with components of the highest quality.

What type of detergent/rinse aid is recommended for use with the catering glasswasher?

It is recommended to use professional detergents and rinse aids, not domestic ones, to extend the life of the glasswasher. The use of domestic detergents can eventually damage the commercial glass washer machine.

Does Chefook sell second hand glasswashers?

Second hand glasswashers are not sold on the Chefook website. Here you can find new glasswashers for sale on offer that will offer, unlike used glasswashers, a 1-year warranty on spare parts prices and pre and post-sales telephone assistance. We also remind you that shipping is free for most of the Italian territory.


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