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Commercial Glass Washers for Pubs, Bars and Restaurants

Do you need an efficient and reliable commercial glasswasher for your bar, pub or restaurant?

Check Chefook’s Italian glass washing machines!

Our range of Chefook-branded industrial glasswashers for pubs and bars is specially designed to provide you with maximum performance at a truly unique price, not far from that you would pay for a second-hand glass washer.

Use these glass cleaning machines as beer or wine glass washers, cup washers or mugwashers and commercial glassware washer in general.

We offer electronic commercial glass washers with baskets of different sizes and washing cycles specifically designed for your catering business.




Pub and bar glass washers' FAQ

What types of catering activities use commercial glasswashers?

A commercial dishwasher is used by restaurants and hotel for cleaning not only glasses but also plates, trays, pots, pans, cutlery. Commercial glasswashers, on the other hand are smaller and more compact and suitable for bars, sandwich shops, pubs that need to wash cups, mugs and glasses of any size.

What is the difference between the manual and electronic bar washer?

These two types of commercial glasswashers do not differ in terms of components; the main difference between them is that the digital glasswashers can be managed via display.

When do you recommend the electronic bar/pub glasswasher?

It is advisable to choose an electronic glass/cup washer when you need to install a water discharge pump; the electronic bar glass washer  is in fact equipped with a special programme for water discharge. If you have an electromechanical glasswasher, you can carry out the same procedure by holding down a button until the tank is completely drained. The electronic bar glasswasher also includes detergent and rinse aid dispensers, alarms, four customisable washing times (90, 120, 150 and 180 seconds) and the possibility of managing the machine via the LCD screen.

When is it advisable to buy a bar glass washer complete with a 40 x 40 cm (15,7 x 15,7 in) basket?

While the more compact bar or pub glasswashers with smaller baskets can be easily placed in confined spaces, those equipped with a 40x40 cm baskets are ideal for coping with a greater workload; the 40x40 cm basket can, in fact contain a larger capacity of glasses than the 35x35 cm basket.

What are the most recommended bar washer models for my business?

If you wish to opt for commercial electric cup/glass washers, the electronic bar washer complete with 35 x 35 cm basket and maximum height of 24 cm is certainly one of the most popular models.

What is provided in Chefook's glass and cup pub washers?

All Chefook's glass cleaning machines include 2 baskets (round basket diameter 35 cm -13,7 in- or 40 cm -15,7 in-, square basket 35x35 cm or 40x40cm depending on the chosen glass washer), 1 saucers holder, 1 teaspoons holder and rinse aid/detergent dispenser depending on the model.

What optionals would you recommend?

It is important to point out that the supplied professional glasswasher is fully functioning.

The optionals are only necessary in the case of existing problems inside the building where the glass washing machine is placed

All the optionals listed here can also be installed after the glasswasher has been installed.

Where are Chefook's bar/pub glasswashers manufactured?

Our commercial cup/glass washers are manufactured and assembled in Italy using components of the highest quality.

Which type of detergent/gleaner should I use?

We recommend the use of professional and non-domestic detergents and rinse aids in order to extend the life of the glass washer. The use of household cleaners can damage the machine in the long run.

How often and in what way is it necessary to carry out the bar glasswasher maintenance?

All instructions for correct maintenance are indicated in the user manual, which can be downloaded from each product page.

If you have any other questions, or if you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

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