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Commercial Deep Fat Fryers

In this section you will find some guidelines that will allow you to identify Chefook commercial fryers best suited to your restaurant, pastry shop, bar or other catering activity.

Chefook Commercial Fryiers: Frequently Asked Questions.

What kind of professional fryers does Chefook sell?

In this website you will find gas and electric deep fryers and choose among 60 cm (23,6 in), 70 cm (27,5 in) or 90 cm (35,5 in) depth according to the needs of your catering business.

Why should you buy a new commercial fryer instead of a used one?

By purchasing a new commercial deep fat fryer on Chefook you will benefit from:

  • the best value for money on a 100% Italian-quality product.
  • a new professional deep fryer at a slightly higher price than a used one;
  • the high safety offered by a new frying tank. A used one could be subject to holes or cracks caused by sudden temperature changes;
  • one-year warranty on spare parts.

What types of commercial electric fryers does Chefook sell?

We sell:

  • Gas fryers with burners located outside the tank
  • Gas fryers with burners located inside the tank

What are the pros and cons of a commercial fryer with burners placed outside the tank?


The fryer is easier to clean because the burners are external to the tank.


This commercial deep-fat fryer takes longer to reach the cooking temperature required if compared to the models with internal burners.

In addition, the tank walls externally heated by burners will be more subject to sudden temperature changes, making this type of tank more delicate than the models with internal burners. Also, this kind of commercial fryer will require more frequent cleaning.

What are the pros and cons of a commercial fryer with burners placed inside the tank?


This type of professional fryer can quickly reach the required cooking temperature.

It is the best performing. The burners placed inside the tank under the basket will maintain high the temperature of the oil on the surface, while the colder oil will linger in the lowest part. Moreover, the tank is subject to less sudden changes in temperature, resulting into a lower level of wear and tear over time.


Cleaning operations will be less easy compared to models equipped with external burners because the burners are located inside the tank.

What are the pros and cons of Chefook commercial electric fryers?


Commercial electric deep fryers reach the required frying temperature very quickly, keeping it constant in an optimal way. They are also easy to clean thanks to the raised heating elements.


Given their high absorption, commercial electric fryers are more expensive to maintain than gas models.

What kind of controls do Chefook professional deep fat fryers have and what are their advantages?

Commercial mechanical fryers have seven power levels, with the possibility of varying the temperature from 110°C to 190°C (From 230°C to 374°C). These are the most reliable because they do not require electricity for operation and because they are not equipped with an electronic card.

Commercial electronic deep fryers have a display which enables more precise temperature control than mechanical models (equipped with 7-power levels). Through the same display it will also be possible to regulate ignition of burners and resistances.

What are the best-selling professional deep-fat fryers?

Outside the Italian territory, commercial electric fryers are popular because more practical with easy-to-clean heating elements.

Commercial gas fryers with internal burners and mechanical controls are in great demand in Italy because their performance is higher, and their maintenance costs are lower.

The best-selling models are:

Free standing Commercial Gas Fryer Capacity 20 + 20 Lt (4,4 + 4,4 UK gallons, 70 cm (27,5 in) depth as it meets the needs of large quantities of fried products.

Countertop commercial gas fryer 8+8 Lt (1,8 + 1,8 UKgal), 60 cm (23,6 in) because it’s more compact and easier to shift.

How do I drain the oil of professional deep fat fryers?

Oil drain of countertop commercial fryer

For these commercial deep fat fryers, a hook is provided to facilitate oil release and its recovery within a container. The outlet is controlled by a valve operated from the front of the fryer.

Oil drain of floor commercial fryers

For floor commercial fryers, the oil is discharged into their lower compartment by means of a valve; the oil is then recovered in a second tank, also located in the lower compartment.

How do commercial tabletop fryers differ from other models?

This line of commercial electric fryers is the most compact and easiest to shift, ideal for small premises with limited space or for street food activities (itinerant fried food, pizzerias and sandwich shops). Available only in the electric version, these counter-top fryers maintain all the qualities of the professional line, both in terms of performance and continuous working times.

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