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Commercial Deep Fat Fryers : Commercial Gas Deep Fryers and Commercial Electric Deep Fryers

If you're on the hunt for the perfect commercial fryer for your restaurant, fry shop, pizzeria, or bar, Chefook has exactly what you need!

Commercial Fryers: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you choose the right commercial fryer?

Chefook offers a variety of catering fryers suitable for frying a wide range of foods like fries, fish, meat, vegetables, and more! All of Chefook's commercial fryers are crafted from stainless steel AISI 304, ensuring durability. Additionally, the freestanding commercial deep fryers boast a robust stainless steel AISI 304 18/10 worktop, 1.2 mm thick. With competitive pricing and included baskets, choosing the perfect catering fryer involves considering factors such as:

  • Usage type: Determine whether you need a fryer for a restaurant, pizzeria, or an electric countertop deep fryer for a bar.
  • Power supply: Decide between a commercial electric fryer or a gas one.
  • Depth: Consider whether a fryer with a depth of 70cm or 90cm suits your needs.
  • Number of tanks: Both countertop commercial fryers and freestanding models are available with one or two tanks. Double-tank fryers are ideal for larger operations needing to fry different foods simultaneously without flavor mixing, while single-tank fryers are better suited for smaller establishments.

How much does a commercial deep fryer cost? 

Commercial fryer prices vary depending on type and model. Prices start at € 169,00 for a commercial countertop electric fryer and increase for freestanding commercial gas or electric fryers. Explore all prices on Chefook.com.

Commercial Countertop Electric Fryers

Ideal for bars, pizzerias, or small establishments needing to fry smaller batches, Chefook's commercial countertop electric fryers come in capacities ranging from 8 to 20 liters.

These compact fryers, available in single-phase or three-phase options, feature either one tank for the induction model or 1-2 tanks for classic models. Some models even include a tap for oil drainage.

Commercial Gas Deep Fryers

Italian-made freestanding commercial gas deep fryers are commonly used in restaurants due to their rapid frying capability and lower energy consumption compared to electric fryers.

Available in single-tank or double-tank options with depths of 70cm or 90cm, these fryers require installation of a commercial extractor hood and flue.

In the commercial gas deep fryer, the oil heating occurs through tubular burners that run inside the tank. You can choose between gas fryers with internal burners and gas fryers with burners located outside the tank.

Commercial Gas Deep Fryers with Internal Burners

Thanks to this commercial gas fryer with internal burners you can quickly reach the required cooking temperature. This commercial gas deep fryer is the best in terms of performance because the burners placed under the basket inside the tank can maintain a higher oil temperature on the surface, while the cooler oil remains at the bottom. The frying residues that fall into this area are less likely to burn, thus preserving the oil's properties, which will last longer compared to using a fryer with an external burner. Additionally, since the tank experiences fewer temperature fluctuations, it is less prone to wear and tear.

Commercial Gas Fryers with External Burners

Although requiring more time to reach frying temperature, freestanding commercial gas fryers with external burners are easier to clean compared to those with internal burners.

Commercial Electric Fryers

Chefook's freestanding commercial electric deep fryers feature internal resistances for rapid and constant temperature maintenance, shorter cooking cycles, and less heat dispersion. These models are easy to clean and can be installed without a flue or exhaust hood, though consultation with relevant authorities is advised. However, they do have higher energy and maintenance costs compared to gas fryers.

Commercial Double Gas Fryer: The Best-Selling Restaurant Fryer

Double-tank gas fryers are favored by larger establishments for simultaneous frying without flavor contamination. The Commercial Gas Double Fryer with a Capacity of 17 + 17 Liters and a Depth of 70 cm is a popular choice for its large frying capacity.

Why Buy a New Chefook Commercial Chip Fryer?

Opting for a new commercial fryer from Chefook ensures high quality, safety, and a one-year warranty on spare parts compared to used fryers, which may present durability and safety concerns.

How to Drain Oil from Catering Fryers

Oil drainage for freestanding commercial fryers is straightforward. In these fryers, the oil is drained through a valve located in the lower compartment of the fryer. The drained oil is then collected in a second tank, which is always placed in the lower compartment for easy retrieval.

For commercial countertop fryers, the oil drainage process varies depending on the presence of a tap. If the fryer doesn't have a tap, you'll need to tilt the machine completely to empty the oil. However, if the commercial countertop fryer is equipped with a tap, simply opening the tap is all that's needed to empty the residual oil.

How to Clean a Restaurant Fryer

Cleaning involves boiling vinegar and water inside the tank for ten minutes, then wiping away residual grease with a cloth. Stubborn grease can be tackled with a baking soda and water mixture, followed by rinsing.


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