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Serve Over Counters and Display Fridges and Freezers

If you are looking for a refrigetated serve over counter, a horizontal or vertical refrigerated display case for your supermarket, grocery shop, bar, delicatessen, pastry shop, ice-cream parlour, butcher's, delicatessen or fish market, Chefook has the best solution, offering you the best value for money in the market.
Our equipment guarantees excellent food preservation and the right visual impact for your premises. The stainless steel structure and the Italian manufacturing are a guarantee of maximum solidity and durability.

Commercial display fridges/freezers, hot food display counters/cabinets & serve over counter fridges: FAQ

Chefook distributes food display cabinets and serve over counters manufactured mainly in Italy using excellent components, thus ensuring our customers the highest quality.

The following FAQ contains answers to general questions commonly asked by our customers to support you during your purchase.

The details of each display counterrefrigerated or heated display cabinet are contained in the product sheet.

For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.

For which catering activity are Chefook's display fridges and serve over counters indicated?

Within our website, the refrigerated/heated display cases and the serve over counters are sorted by use.

Display fridges for bars:

This section includes glass front fridges and commercial display fridges commonly used in bars, wine bars, pubs or sandwich shops to display drinks, sandwiches, pizza, snacks and cakes.

Some models include both the heated and the neutral line*.

You will find:

Serve over counter display fridges & heated serve over counters for delicatessens, rotisserie, grocery stores and supermarkets.

This section includes serve over counters and display fridges for fruit and vegetables, delicatessen, packaged meat, dairy products, cheese and snacks. Some models include the heated and the neutral line*.

You will find products for:

Refrigerated fruit and vegetable display

  • Lido and Vulcano Multideck Display Fridges (+6°C/+8°C - +42,8 F /+46,4 F)

Deli display

  • Salina refrigerated, heated and neutral serve over counters*
  • Kibuk refrigerated, heated and neutral serve over counters*
  • M SERIES serve over counter fridges with flat glass
  • Evo cold / heated display counters*
  • Evok chilled/hot display cabinets*
  • Drop-in refrigerated and bain-marie wells
  • Vulcano and Lido Multideck dairy display fridges (+3°C/+5°C) (37,4°F - 41°F)
  • Multideck packed meat display fridges (0°C/+2°C) (32°F to 35,6°F)

Meat and deli counters

Particularly suitable for displaying fresh meat and cold cuts:

  • Panarea meat and deli counters, available both in static and low-ventilation version
  • Flat glass food serve over counters M SERIES
  • Salina serve over counter display fridges
  • Kibuk serve over counter fridges

Fish display counters

  • Nettuno fish display counters for the refrigerated display of fresh fish.

Cake display fridges and counters

Cake display cabinets are particularly suited for bakery and patisserie products like cakes, pastries and donuts. Some models include the heated and the neutral line*.

  • Upright cake display fridges
  • Upright cake and ice cream display fridges
  • Bakery display cases
  • Rivo cake display counter
  • Evo patisserie display fridge
  • Evok cold and hot glass cake display cabinets.

Ice cream dipping cabinets

  • Ice cream dipping cabinets
  • Ice cream display counters with cylindrical ice cream containers
  • Upright ice cream display freezers
  • Upright ice cream and cake display freezers
  • Ice cream bar upright display fridges and mini freezers

Sushi fridge

Sushi cases are suited for displaying sushi and sashimi within sushi bars and Chinese/Japanese restaurants.

For which types of food are hotplate display cabinets and bain-marie hot display cabinets suitable?

Chefook's food display cabinets also include the heated line.

The hot food bain-marie display counters are suitable for the heated display of deli or bakery products.

Among the best-selling models are Salina hot food bain-marie display counter.

The hotplate display counters are suitable for heated display of pizza, snacks and hot dishes in restaurants, cafeterias, delicatessens, pizzerias, delicatessens and pastry shops. Among the best-selling models are:

For which foods are neutral serve over counters suited?

Neutral serve over counters such as the Kibuk model in faux wood are used to display bread and in general bakery products and snacks that do not need to be kept refrigerated or heated.

Do Chefook's display fridges and serve over counters need indispensable accessories/options?

Salina and Kibuk serve over counter fridges need a tempered glass intermediate shelf and rear sliding shelves in plexiglass in order to maximise the space available and contain the cold in the display area.

Inside the product sheet of each serve over counter or display fridge you will find all the recommended optional accessories on display that can be purchased separately.

What are wine coolers and how are they used?

Wine coolers are wine fridges used for the display of classic 75 cl wine bottles. Bottles are placed in special shelves lying side by side.

The freestanding MONFERRATO wine cooler has been designed to contain 182 bottles, thus, in order to fit in, these must be arranged one on top of the other.

Do display fridges and serve over counters require water drainage?

No, the defrosting of most of our display and serve over fridges, regardless of whether their defrosting is automatic or stopped, takes place by evaporation. Both the refrigerated display and serve over counters are equipped with a tray that collects any small residues of water.

What is the difference between a display refrigerator or refrigerated counter with ventilated and static refrigeration?

The ventilated display chillers or refrigerated serve over display counters allow the temperature to be kept constant. The static refrigerated display units that do not have ventilation do not dry out the product.

Most of the display coolers sold by Chefook are semi-ventilated, i.e. they have a low-ventilation refrigeration system that is ideal for moving the air while maintaining a uniform internal temperature without drying the product.

Do Chefook commercial display cabinets and serve over display fridges include the engine?

All the chiller display units and serve over fridges in our catalogue are equipped with an incorporated motor. If you wish to receive them with remote unit, you will need to request a separate quote.

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