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Chefook’s commercial convection ovens: Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose a Commercial Oven? Which Commercial Convection Oven is Worth Choosing?

To understand which professional oven to choose, it's essential to evaluate its intended use. On the Chefook.com online platform, you can find a variety of commercial electric or gas ovens, both manual and digital, catering to diverse needs.


Restaurant Ovens:  restaurant convection ovens, available in various capacities and sizes, designed to bake a wide range of dishes within the food service industry. All electric and gas ovens for restaurants are equipped for the use of Gastronorm trays GN 1/1 (53 x 32.5) or GN 2/1.

Commercial Bakery Ovens: Ventilated convection ovens of various capacities and sizes for baking pastries and bread. Electric and gas ovens for pastry are suitable for accommodating 60 x 40 cm trays.

Commercial Pizza Ovens: Convection or static electric and gas ovens of various types and sizes suitable for pizzerias.

Bar Ovens: Convection electric ovens for bars and small-scale gastronomy, as well as hot food counters.

Commercial Microwave Ovens: Used for quickly baking and reheating food.

For most models, you can choose between:

Commercial electric ovens (manual, digital, and touch control).

Commercial gas ovens (manual, digital, and touch control).

Visit Chefook.com to explore our range and find the perfect oven to meet your culinary needs.

How to choose a commercial electric oven?

To choose a commercial electric convection oven, consider its intended use as the primary factor. If you need a small electric oven, you would be more inclined towards compact, cost-effective, or energy-efficient convection ovens.

For restaurant, catering, bars, or pastry businesses, choose a commercial electric convection oven based on your specific needs and the number of trays you intend to accommodate. In Chefook's catalogue, you will find a wide range of commercial electric convection ovens with various capacities and for any requirement: from manual electric ovens to digital and touch screen models.

Some commercial electric ovens in our range feature direct steam or indirect humidification.

Consider whether to use a traditional electric oven or if you want to lean towards a new generation oven. Whatever your needs, Chefook has the professional electric oven for you. Commercial electric ovens are available from 3 to 20 trays.

If you are looking for a commercial electric pizza oven, visit the dedicated section.

Commercial electric ovens: what advantages do they offer, and when is it better to choose them over a commercial gas oven?

Commercial electric ovens are convenient to use and are more commonly employed within food service establishments where ease of installation and maintenance takes precedence over the energy efficiency of a gas oven.

The price of a commercial electric oven is always lower compared to that of a gas oven.

How much does a commercial convection oven cost?

At Chefook, you will find the best quality Italian commercial convection ovens at the most competitive prices in the market.

The price of a commercial oven on the Chefook website starts from € 389,00 + IVA. This is the cost of the cheapest 4-tray convection commercial electric oven. Prices vary depending on the type and capacity of the oven.

How to Use a Commercial Electric or Gas Oven

Most Chefook commercial electric or gas ovens offer the ability to adjust temperature, humidity percentage, baking time, and in some cases, ventilation. Begin baking by setting these parameters.

Digital commercial ovens allow for up to nine programmable baking stages. In each stage, you can set the temperature, humidity percentage, baking time, and in the latest generation ovens, even ventilation. These stages can be saved to create customized recipes.

In the case of the latest generation ovens, there are also pre-installed recipes where these parameters are already set by the manufacturer based on the product to be cooked.

How a Commercial Convection Electric Oven Works:

The commercial electric oven operates by heating a resistor positioned around the fan, which introduces air into the chamber.

What does convection oven mean?

The commercial electric convection oven is a type of ventilated oven, unlike static ovens, equipped with fans to make the temperature inside the chamber uniform. It is often mistakenly called a 'conventional oven.' Chefook's rotisserie, restaurant, bars, and pastry shops are all convection ovens.

What is the difference between a commercial convection oven and a fan-assisted oven, and how do they work?

A commercial convection oven is always ventilated, but a fan-assisted oven may not be convection-enabled. The non-convection fan-assisted oven heats through resistors located in the ceiling and base of the chamber. Inside the chamber, there is a fan that circulates air to achieve uniform temperature.

On the other hand, a convection fan-assisted oven has resistors positioned around the fan. The advantage of a commercial convection fan-assisted oven, compared to a fan-assisted oven without convection, is the faster temperature reaching time and better temperature uniformity throughout the entire chamber. This ensures even cooking for dishes placed on all trays inside the chamber, from the top to the bottom.

The disadvantage of the commercial convection oven is the inability to perform static baking . This issue is partially addressed by Top Chefook's commercial ovens, which allow reducing ventilation and baking in semi-static mode.

What is the purpose of a commercial convection oven and when is it used?

The commercial convection oven is the most used oven in the restaurant industry because it allows for the simultaneous baking of multiple dishes using the same baking method, optimizing food baking times.

What can be baked in a convection oven?

Inside a commercial convection oven, it is possible to bake any type of food quickly and optimally. All the convection oven for bakery, commercial rotisserie/restaurant ovens and bar ovens found in the Chefooks catalog are ventilated commercial convection ovens.

What is the difference between a commercial convection oven and a static oven, and when is it better to use a commercial convection oven over a static oven?

Both ventilated ovens and commercial convection ovens use hot air through thermal convection and are widespread in the professional catering industry because they allow for fast and uniform cooking, resulting in a crisp exterior while retaining internal moisture. Commercial convection ovens are suitable for cooking multiple dishes simultaneously.

All Chefook restaurant convection ovens, convection oven for bakeries, or bars are industrial convection ovens.

On the other hand, professional or industrial static ovens on the market use resistors to heat the oven chamber. They are used to cook one dish at a time. Most of Chefook’s commercial pizza oven for sale are static, except for some tunnel pizza ovens. Tunnel pizza ovens are ventilated.

What is the ideal use for commercial steam ovens?

Convection cooking tends to excessively dry out dishes; for this reason, in commercial convection ovens, steam has been introduced during the baking process. In the chamber of a commercial steam convection oven, a percentage of steam is added, essential for long cooking times or simply to counteract the dehydration of dishes during cooking or reheating.

The commercial steam oven is particularly suitable for cooking:

• Roast beef, which requires steam to stay softer and juicier.

• Pastry products

• Fish

• Meat

• Vegetables

Restaurant convection ovens and bar ovens.

Convection ovens without steam bake food by dehydrating the outer part and keeping the core soft; they are particularly recommended for roasts that should have a thin crispy crust and a soft, chewable core.

The oven without steam is also perfect for:

• Gratins

• Cooking stuffed vegetables

• Cooking fish

• Baking pastry products like cookies.

• Cooking raw or pre-cooked frozen products

• Roasting nuts (almonds, pistachios, etc.)

Manual catering ovens found in the shockingly low-priced commercial oven category are without steam and humidification. Among bar ovens, it will be possible to find commercial ovens with indirect humidification and without steam.

Commercial steam oven and humidified oven: What is the difference, and which Chefook ovens offer these features?

Commercial Steam Oven

Commercial direct steam ovens inject water directly into the fan, which then nebulizes it into the cooking chamber as steam. This ensures more uniform cooking and is ideal for dishes like boiled vegetables and poached fish.

If you're looking for a commercial steam oven, Chefook has a wide selection to choose from. One example is the CHFIT electric convection oven with direct steam, which is one of our shock-priced commercial ovens.

Indirect-Humidified Ovens

Indirect-humidified ovens inject water into the cooking chamber through a water spray controlled by a button on the control panel. This creates a humid environment for a short period of time, helping to prevent food from drying out. Indirect-humidified ovens are ideal for cooking dishes like lasagna, roasts, cakes, and other delicate foods.

Bar ovens with humidifiers and bar ovens with humidifiers and grills are also considered indirect-humidified ovens.

Digital or Manual Oven: Which Commercial Oven Is Right for You?

Commercial manual ovens are perfect for simple baking. They're easy to use and can produce great results without any special programs.
Commercial digital ovens are ideal for more complex baking. They let you program, customize, and save recipes.
Commercial digital ovens with touch control are the best of the best. They have special functions for delicate and perfect baking.

Which industrial convection ovens can be used without a hood and flue?

In general, commercial electric ovens do not require a hood and flue by law. However, it is always recommended to use a hood and flue in professional catering. It is also a good idea to consult your local health authority before installing a catering oven with or without a hood and flue.

Condensation Hood Oven

Condensation hoods offer the ability to filter odours and vapours by connecting them only to the electrical and water networks. They can be added to Chefook's latest generation commercial electric ovens.

The installation of a condensation hood is an alternative solution to a chimney and is indicated when there is no possibility of having a chimney, but you want to filter odors and vapors even in the case of using a professional electric oven or you are required to do so by the competent ASL.

Semiprofessional or domestic ovens: Can I purchase a professional electric oven for domestic use?

Chefook ovens, including those with 220V power supply, are primarily designed for professional use. We recommend reaching out to our customer care for additional information.

What is meant by a multifunction oven when it comes to commercial ovens?

The multifunction oven includes commercial convection steam oven. Additionally, some of our industrial ovens offer the possibility, in addition to convection and steam, to add the grill function or the semi-static function.

Most of our commercial ovens are multifunctional. Our catalogue also features industrial food ovens equipped with a grill. The professional multifunction oven with a grill function is equipped with both a heating element placed around the fan to make it a convection oven and a heating element in the chamber ceiling, with independent ignition from the rest of the oven. The grill in the multifunction oven is used for gratin cooking or to finalize preparations, making the dish crispier on the outside while keeping it soft on the inside.

Patents of the latest generation electric and gas professional ovens for restaurants and pastry shops

In the new generation ovens that you can purchase within the section of commercial electric and gas ovens, three patents are incorporated that will significantly enhance your cooking experience.

"1. Airflowlogic™: The internal back panel of the commercial oven features a new geometry that combines aesthetics and functionality. The configuration of the suction sections is stepwise and variable in geometry. This optimizes airflow within the chamber, creating greater uniformity of internal ventilation. In the internal back panel of the professional oven, there are slots of varying thickness, wider near the fans, and thinner as one moves away from the fan or motors. This is done to compensate for the decrease in pressure in the parts farther from the fan. The latest generation professional 7-tray gas oven CHF711DGT-GAS and the new generation steam professional electric pastry oven CHF464TOP are two examples of professional ovens with this patent."

  1.  Airflowlogic™: The internal back panel of the commercial oven features a new geometry that combines aesthetics and functionality. The configuration of the suction sections is stepwise and variable in geometry. This optimizes airflow within the chamber, creating greater uniformity of internal ventilation. In the internal back panel of the professional oven, there are slots of varying thickness, wider near the fans, and thinner as one moves away from the fan or motors. This is done to compensate for the decrease in pressure in the parts farther from the fan. The latest generation commercial 7-tray gas oven CHF711DGT-GAS and the new generation steam commercial electric pastry oven CHF464TOP are two examples of professional ovens with this patent."
  2. "Drylogic™: This patent, thanks to sophisticated sensors placed in the fans' motors of the commercial oven, allows for the calculation of the exact percentage of humidity inside the professional oven chamber. Commercial ovens equipped with this patent, in addition to introducing steam into the chamber, also extract it. This is essential for baking dry foods such as dry pastries, cookies, etc."

For more information about Chefook's latest generation ovens, please contact customer care.

I am looking for a used commercial electric or gas oven to save on the price. Can I find second hand commercial ovens on Chefook.com?

Chefook does not deal with used commercial convection ovens. All ovens featured in Chefook's catalogue are new and competitively priced, offered with a 1-year warranty on spare parts for commercial establishments, and a 2-year warranty for private individuals, along with pre- and post-sales phone support. For these reasons, investing in a Chefook’s oven is always more cost-effective than purchasing a used commercial oven, which, aside from having undergone wear and tear, lacks warranties and phone support.

I am looking for a built-in professional oven. Are commercial built-in gas or electric ovens available on Chefook?

Chefook does not offer built-in commercial ovens because Chefook ovens prioritize efficiency and are equipped with powerful motors and heating elements that require ample space for cooling.

Among the commercial ovens offered by Chefook, can I order commercial countertop ovens and commercial deck ovens for bakery?

In the Chefook catalogue, you will exclusively find commercial countertop ovens, to which a support can be optionally added for purchase. The rotary oven, also referred to as a deck oven, is currently not available in the catalogue.

How much power does a commercial convection oven need?

Commercial convection ovens in our catalogue start with a power consumption compatible even with domestic electrical systems (220 V/ 3 kW). The power consumption varies depending on the size and functionality of the oven.

A commercial electric restaurant ovens or convection oven for bakery typically consumes an average of 7/8 kW at 380 V. The consumption of a professional gas oven is generally lower compared to an electric one.

A commercial electric oven for a restaurant or a commercial oven for bakery requires a higher kW capacity compared to a typical domestic oven. Commercial ovens are characterized by high power consumption because they require substantial power to ensure high performance. There is no need to wait long for the oven to heat up, and in the various cooking phases set, it is possible to quickly reach the desired temperature.

Before purchasing a professional oven, it is advisable to check both the power availability in the location and whether it is sufficient to operate our professional convection ovens.

What temperature do catering ovens reach?

The maximum temperature of Chefook commercial ovens varies depending on the type:

• Commercial electric or gas convection ovens for restaurants or pastry shops reach about 280°C.

• Commercial static pizza ovens reach a maximum temperature of approximately 450°C.

Meat Probe for Ovens: What is a Meat Probe and When is It Used?

A meat probe is a device used during cooking to monitor the internal temperature of meat. Once the desired cooking temperature is reached, the meat probe automatically turns off the professional oven.

The "DELTA T" function, present in our latest generation digital professional ovens, allows for meat probe cooking, maintaining a constant difference between the meat temperature and the set chamber temperature.

I hope this is more accurate and reflects the standard English terminology.

How to Clean a Professional Oven and How Cleaning Works in the Case of a Self-Cleaning Oven?

If you are looking for a self-cleaning oven, choose a professional oven of the latest generation from Chefook.

The self-cleaning professional oven has a program through which you can set various types of cleaning according to the amount of dirt present. Start the cleaning cycle using the display of the professional oven and at the end of each service you will have a clean oven without having to work hard.

Traditional Chefook professional ovens are not self-cleaning ovens, but the completely stainless-steel chamber with rounded corners and the easily removable shelf racks make cleaning operations easier. Always use products specifically designed to clean stainless steel.

How long does a commercial oven last on average?

Chefline commercial ovens are made of high-quality Italian AISI 304 stainless steel, with electronic boards and high-quality materials, ensuring the oven's durability for years. The lifespan of a commercial oven varies depending on how often it is used.

Regular maintenance and cleaning of the professional oven ensures better performance and longer life.

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