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Commercial Ovens and Proofers

Chefook offers a wide range of commercial ovens and bread/dough proofers for every catering need: check our competitive prices!

Chefook’s commercial convection ovens FAQ

Here are some of the more general questions our customers may ask us before purchasing an industrial oven.

Detailed information on each of our commercial convection ovens are provided inside each product sheets, giving you full support before and after your purchase.

What is a convection oven?

A commercial convection oven, commonly also known as commercial fan oven, is equipped with fans to make the internal temperature homogeneous. Chefook's commercial ovens are all convection ovens.

What is the ideal commercial use for steamless convection ovens?

Steamless convection ovens cook food by dehydrating the outside and keeping the core soft; they are particularly recommended for cooking roasts that must have a thin crunchy crust and a soft chewing core.

The commercial steamless oven is also perfect for:

  • Gratings
  • Cooking of stuffed vegetables
  • Fish cooking
  • Baking of pastry products such as biscuits and cookies
  • Cooking of raw or pre-cooked frozen products
  • Toasting of dried fruit (almonds, pistachios, etc.)

Chefook's convection ovens include our CHF-EKO range of commercial manual ovens, which combine convenience with maximum reliability and ease of use.

What is the ideal use for commercial steam convection ovens?

Convection cooking (ventilated) tends to over-dry food; for this reason, steam has also been introduced during cooking.

Its use consists of adding a percentage of steam to the oven chamber and is essential for long cooking times or simply to compensate dehydration of dishes during cooking or regeneration.

A commercial steam oven is particularly suitable for cooking:

  • Roast beef, which needs steam to keep it softer and juicier;
  • Bakery products
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Vegetables

CHF-EVO digital steam ovens are designed for the most demanding catering professionals.

What is the difference between commercial ovens’ indirect humidification and direct steam and which of Chefook’s ovens offer these functions?

With direct steam, water is fed directly into the fan and then nebulised in the cooking chamber as steam. Direct steam cooking ensures greater cooking uniformity and is recommended for cooking steamed products such as boiled vegetables and boiled fish.

Our online shop offers you a wide range of commercial direct steam ovens; among the best-selling are the professional steam ovens CHF EVO.

With indirect humidification, on the other hand, water is introduced into the chamber via a water spray controlled by a button placed on the control panel; this creates humidity for a short period of time, so the product will not to dry out. Indirect humidification is recommended for cooking lasagne, roasts, cakes and for gastronomy and pastry dishes in general.

Commercial manual and digital oven: which one to choose?

The commercial manual oven is usually suitable for simple cooking: an oven with the classic knobs is intuitive, easy and quick to use and you can get the desired results even without the use of specific programs.

The commercial digital oven is ideal for more advanced uses and offers the advantage of being able to program, customize and save recipes.

The touch control panel digital ovens are the top of the range and offer specific functions for  delicate and perfect cooking.

Is it better to choose a commercial electric or gas oven for my catering activity?

The commercial gas oven offers the advantage of being more energy saving than the electric one.

However, commercial use requires:

  • An ad hoc installation carried out by a specialized technician;
  • The installation of a fume hood, not required by law when opting for a commercial electric oven instead.

What are the advantages of a commercial microwave oven?

Microwave technology guarantees thawing, heating or cooking speed, keeping both food taste and the properties intact. In fact, the speed of cooking does not affect the dispersion of salts, proteins and vitamins contained in food.

What is a trivalent commercial oven?

A trivalent oven is an oven where heat, steam and ventilation are present. Chefook's commercial direct steam ovens are all trivalent.

What is a core probe and when is it used?

The core probe is a device used during cooking to check the food’s internal temperature. When the ideal cooking temperature is reached, the core probe automatically switches the oven off.

The "DELTA T" function of our commercial digital ovens CHF EVO, allows you to cook with a core probe, keeping the difference between the core temperature and the temperature set for the chamber constant.

The core probe is included when purchasing a CHFEVO commercial oven.

Why are commercial ovens characterised by high absorption?

All commercial ovens need high power to ensure high performance: it will not be necessary to wait for the oven to heat up and it will be possible to quickly reach the desired temperature during the various cooking phases.

What is a proofer used for?

The proofer is used to speed up the proofing process of bread, dough, bakery and pastry products in general and to keep the products warm. (temperature range 30-60°C -86°F/140°F).


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Chefook's customer service.

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