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Walk In ColdRooms

Take your safety to heart, don't buy a second-hand walk-in cold room! At Chefook you'll find new, safe and high-quality equipment at similar prices to the second-hand one.
Thanks to Chefook's positive or negative cold rooms, you will be able to store food such as meat, charcuterie, cheese, pastry, wine, beer, fruit and vegetables in your bar, pastry shop, restaurant or butcher's shop, all in one big professional fridge.
These prefabricated refrigerators are also suitable for storing non-food products such as ice.
They are available with or without floor, with crossed, ceiling mounted, remote motor or motorless.
If you are not satisfied with the dimensions of the cold rooms we supply, you can order your custom-made walk-in cold room!

Walk-In Cold Rooms: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a positive and negative cold room?

Cold rooms are designed for different uses that can be adapted to your needs. As an indication, positive cells are suitable for the preservation of food such as fruit and vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, wine, beer, butchery products. They are also used by florists for the conservation of flowers.

The freezer cells can be used to store fish, meat, frozen food and ice cream products.

The two types of cells differ in temperature range, panels and compensation valves.

Positive cold room

Temperature range

-2°C a +10°C


Thickness: 7 cm.

Positive refrigerated rooms can be ordered either without floor or with non-slip AISI 304 stainless steel floor.

Compensation valves


Negative cold room

Temperature range

-15°C a -25°C


Thickness: 10 cm

All freezer cells are supplied with non-slip AISI 304 stainless steel non-slip floor.

Valvole di compensazione

The freezer cells are equipped with pre-installed compensation valves; these avoid the vacuum effect that would prevent the door from opening.

What is the insulation material of the cell panels?

The insulation of the panels is made of rigid polyurethane foam density 40-42 kg/m3 (95% closed cells).

Do Chefook's cold rooms comply with European regulations?

Of course they do. All the cells are equipped with hygienic-sanitary profiles to be positioned in the internal profiling of the cell to facilitate cleaning operations. The panels are also covered with non-toxic pre-painted white sheet metal.

How does the customer receive the cold rooms?

The cold rooms are both modular and composable. To facilitate shipping, the walk in cells are supplied in the form of disassembled panels sent on pallets. They can then be easily assembled using eccentric attachment hooks; the installation will start from the floor, followed by the assembly of the walls and finally the ceiling.

How are the motors of the cold rooms positioned?

The refrigerated cells supplied by Chefook are divided into three types according to the positioning of the motor.

Cold rooms with overlapped motor

The motor will be installed on the side of the cell indicated by the customer. Easy to install, it will be ready to use with the gas load already carried out.

Refrigerator cells with ceiling motor

The ceiling motor is positioned on top of the cell. In order for the motor to be installed, the room's ceiling must be 120 cm higher than the height of the cell. The motor will be ready for use with the gas load already carried out. Ceiling refrigeration, starting from top to bottom, is the most effective.

Cold rooms with remote motor

The cold room motor will be installed externally; this choice guarantees silence, high motor functionality and constant refrigeration. A splitter installed inside the cell will allow cooling. A refrigeration technician is required for the installation of the external motor.

Is it possible to customise the dimensions of the rooms to be ordered?

Certainly, if the dimensions of the cells on our website do not meet your needs, it will be possible to order made-to-measure cold rooms by making a request to our customer office.

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