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Multifunction Blast Chiller 5 GN1/1 - 60x40 cm trays
€ 3.889,00
(€ 4.744,58 iva incl.)
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Multifunction Blast Chiller 5 GN1/1 trays - 60x40 cm

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The Chefook multifunction blast chiller CHAB5-20TOP with 5 trays, in stainless steel AISI 304 18/10, is designed to allow blast chilling, defrosting and cooking at low temperature (+65°C).


Features of the commercial multifunction blast chiller CHAB5-20TOP 5 trays

  • This multifunction blast chiller is equipped with an excellent 7 cm insulation that isolates the external temperature from the internal one, both during blast chilling and cooking, allowing energy savings.
  • Body and inner chamber are made of AISI 304 stainless steel; the outer part is made of 18/10 stainless steel with Scotch-Brite finish, the inner part has a polished finish.
  • Easy to clean thanks to rounded inner and outer corners and space under the evaporator.
  • The installed tray supports are bivalent; they can therefore support both GN 1/1 (53 x 32.5 cm) and bakery (60 x 40 cm) size trays.
  • Blast chilling (+3°C) and freezing (-18°C) cycles for food with core probe, or timed with automatic preservation phase.
  • Pre-installed cycles for hardening ice cream, sanitising raw fish and possibility of adding the most used cycles in the "favourites" section.
  • Thawing cycle to bring food from -18°C to +3°C.
  • Slow cooking of food (+65°C) with ventilation and humidity control.
  • Possibility of creating combined sequences to start different processing cycles.
  • Baking of cakes and bread with customisable phases.
  • The core probe is included in the price.

Additional features

Ventilated refrigeration/cooking

Reliability guaranteed by oversized condensers
Cataphoresis anti-corrosion treatment of the evaporators.
Manual defrosting with condensate collection in the tray provided.
Easy intervention for evaporator cleaning.
Digital thermostat
Adjustable feet


1 year on spare parts.

This multifunction blast chiller/freezer is ideal for sushi bars or restaurants, pizzerias, delicatessens and pastry shops.


Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)(cm/in) 79,8 x 70 x 83,5/86,5

Technical Features

Download Files

Instruction manual multifunction blast chiller Download


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