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Commercial Electric and Gas Pizza Ovens

Looking for a high-quality Italian Commercial Pizza Oven at a competitive price?

Chefook offers a range of commercial electric and gas pizza ovens for any professional need. Check our catalogue!

Commercial Electric Pizza Ovens "Max" Best Prices

€ 745, 00
€ 549, 00
(+ IVA € 120,78)
€ 745, 00
€ 849, 00
€ 649, 00
(+ IVA € 142,78)
€ 849, 00
€ 975, 00
€ 749, 00
(+ IVA € 164,78)
€ 975, 00
€ 1.285, 00
€ 989, 00
(+ IVA € 217,58)
€ 1.285, 00
€ 1.219, 00
€ 879, 00
(+ IVA € 193,38)
€ 1.219, 00
€ 1.454, 00
€ 1.119, 00
(+ IVA € 246,18)
€ 1.454, 00
€ 1.649, 00
€ 1.269, 00
(+ IVA € 279,18)
€ 1.649, 00
€ 2.130, 00
€ 1.639, 00
(+ IVA € 360,58)
€ 2.130, 00

Commercial Manual Electric Pizza Ovens “Top”

€ 1.289, 00
€ 1.039, 00
(+ IVA € 228,58)
€ 1.289, 00
€ 1.543, 00
€ 1.229, 00
(+ IVA € 270,38)
€ 1.543, 00
€ 1.685, 00
€ 1.349, 00
(+ IVA € 296,78)
€ 1.685, 00
€ 1.982, 00
€ 1.399, 00
(+ IVA € 307,78)
€ 1.982, 00
€ 2.194, 00
€ 1.749, 00
(+ IVA € 384,78)
€ 2.194, 00
€ 2.631, 00
€ 2.099, 00
(+ IVA € 461,78)
€ 2.631, 00
€ 2.909, 00
€ 2.329, 00
(+ IVA € 512,38)
€ 2.909, 00
€ 3.388, 00
€ 2.710, 00
(+ IVA € 596,20)
€ 3.388, 00

Commercial Digital Electric Pizza Ovens “Top”

€ 1.769, 00
€ 1.398, 00
(+ IVA € 307,56)
€ 1.769, 00
€ 2.069, 00
€ 1.638, 00
(+ IVA € 360,36)
€ 2.069, 00
€ 2.239, 00
€ 1.723, 00
(+ IVA € 379,06)
€ 2.239, 00
€ 2.599, 00
€ 2.056, 00
(+ IVA € 452,32)
€ 2.599, 00
€ 3.069, 00
€ 2.376, 00
(+ IVA € 522,72)
€ 3.069, 00
€ 3.589, 00
€ 2.838, 00
(+ IVA € 624,36)
€ 3.589, 00
€ 3.919, 00
€ 3.009, 00
(+ IVA € 661,98)
€ 3.919, 00
€ 4.529, 00
€ 3.584, 00
(+ IVA € 788,48)
€ 4.529, 00

Commercial Gas Oven For Pizza

Conveyor Commercial Pizza Oven

€ 6.509, 00
€ 4.343, 00
(+ IVA € 955,46)
€ 6.509, 00
€ 9.015, 00
€ 5.200, 00
(+ IVA € 1.144,00)
€ 9.015, 00
€ 11.579, 00
€ 6.104, 00
(+ IVA € 1.342,88)
€ 11.579, 00
€ 13.649, 00
€ 7.238, 00
(+ IVA € 1.592,36)
€ 13.649, 00

Rotary Pizza Ovens

€ 4.409, 00
(+ IVA € 969,98)
€ 4.409, 00

Commercial pizza ovens: frequently asked questions

What characteristics should a commercial pizza oven have?

A commercial pizza oven, whether electric or gas-powered, should possess the following features:
  • Refractory stone installed as a standard on the oven floor.
  • Heating elements placed on both the oven floor and ceiling. In the absence of refractory stone, the ceiling elements are armoured and visible. In professional pizza ovens with Activestone® technology, the heating elements are embedded within the refractory stone.
  • Dual thermostat to regulate the temperature of both the oven floor and ceiling in manual pizza ovens. In digital refractory pizza ovens, the chamber temperature can be adjusted using a digital display.
  • Steam outlet valve: when kept closed, steam generated by the pizza remains inside the oven chamber.
  • In dual-chamber pizza ovens, each chamber is independent; this allows for the use of only one chamber during periods of lower demand, promoting energy savings.
  • Single-chamber commercial electric pizza ovens can be stacked up to 3 units without the need for a chimney connection.
  • All pizza ovens can cook multiple pizzas simultaneously, making them ideal for commercial use.
  • The temperature of the pizza oven for commercial use reaches a maximum of 450°C for electric models and 420°C for gas models.
  • Traditional pizza ovens are suitable for both traditional and pan pizzas.

Which professional pizza oven to choose?

On Chefook's catalogue, you'll find the best professional pizza ovens, most used at a competitive price. Our store offers a wide range of Italian quality indoor pizza ovens.
To choose the best professional pizza oven for your pizzeria or restaurant, you need to consider:
  • Whether you need a commercial electric pizza oven or a gas pizza oven.
  • Whether your pizza oven needs manual or digital display and thermostat.
  • The size and capacity of the professional pizza oven based on the number of pizzas you need to bake.
  • Whether you're oriented towards the purchase of a traditional commercial electric pizza oven, a rotating pizza oven, or a conveyor commercial pizza oven.
  • Whether the refractory stone of your pizza oven should be placed only on the hearth or also on the ceiling and walls of the chamber.
  • What performance you want from your refractory pizza oven based on the power available inside your premises. Before purchasing, it's necessary to check the available kilowatt for the operation of the oven.
  • Whether you also need a professional pizza oven for pan pizza.

What are the best commercial pizza ovens for sale?

The best-selling commercial electric pizza ovens are single- or double-chambered. They can come in a variety of sizes, capacities, and performance levels. In our store, you can choose from the best professional electric pizza ovens:
Pizzaioli who prefer commercial gas pizza ovens can choose from three Flame single-chamber models, capable of holding 4, 6, or 9 pizzas. These methane pizza ovens can be stacked up to 2 units, adding a chimney connection and stacking kit.

Commercial gas oven for pizza: features and advantages of the methane gas pizza oven

If you are looking for the best commercial gas pizza oven for sale, you will find the right solution on Chefook.

Choosing a gas pizza oven  for restaurant will translate into an economic advantage because energy consumption will be reduced.

Flame professional gas pizza oven have a refractory stone placed on the hearth.

When the burner heats the chamber of your commercial gas oven for pizza, the set temperature is reached very quickly and maintained at the optimal level every time the oven door is opened during the cooking phase, thanks to this heating speed.

In addition, in professional gas pizza ovens, the temperature between the hearth and the ceiling is automatically balanced. However, unlike the commercial electric pizza oven, there is no possibility of independently adjusting the temperature of the hearth and the ceiling of the chamber.

Gas pizza ovens can be converted to LPG pizza ovens on request.

Always remember that, if you decide to purchase a gas pizza oven, you will need to install a chimney in your premises by law. You can also choose whether to install an extraction hood.

Commercial electric pizza oven by Chefook: features and advantages

Commercial electric pizza ovens are the best-selling type of pizza shop ovens. Chefook offers a wide range of the best professional electric pizza ovens used by pizzaioli.

Commercial electric pizza ovens, Max model   

The commercial electric pizza ovens at the best prices, Max model, bake pizzas up to 34 cm evenly, with the capacity to bake up to 18 pizzas at the same time in the most capacious model. They are equipped with a refractory stone on the hearth and manual thermostats for independent adjustment of the temperature of the hearth and the ceiling. They can also be used as professional pizza ovens for pan pizza by purchasing the baking sheets as an optional extra.

Commercial electric pizza ovens at the best prices are available in 1 or 2-chamber models:

  • The professional electric pizza ovens with one chamber can be customized by stacking up to two pieces without a chimney connection.
  • In the professional electric pizza ovens with two chambers, each chamber is independent and equipped with its own thermostats.

Being pizza ovens with electromechanical controls, the thermostats are very intuitive with a high range of temperature customization and offer the possibility of independently adjusting the power of the resistances of the ceiling and the hearth.

The MAX range of commercial electric pizza ovens has a single resistance placed under the refractory stone and a valve for venting vapors to regulate the amount of steam inside the chamber.

You can get a ceiling and walls with refractory stone by purchasing it separately as an optional extra.

Electric Pizza Ovens “Top” range: Next-Generation, Manual, or Digital

The Top range of commercial electric pizza ovens includes electric pizza ovens that stand out as top-notch choices for professional use. If you're in search of the best electric pizza oven, the Top oven is the ideal fit for you.

Professional electric pizza ovens “Top” range, compared to Commercial pizza ovens “Max” range, feature a more robust structure, a more appealing aesthetic, and improved insulation, resulting in greater energy savings. They also differ from shockingly priced pizza ovens by offering the option to install both refractory ceilings and walls as optional add-ons.

Commercial electric pizza ovens “Top£” Range employ Activestone® technology: three independent resistors are inserted inside refractory stone tiles, allowing for faster heating. The distance between the resistor and the base in pizza ovens “Top” range refractory tiles is 0.8mm.

Commercial range pizza ovens “Top” range are available in versions with manual or digital thermostats. Pizza ovens with manual thermostat Top range allow independent adjustment of the floor and ceiling temperatures, providing the advantage of creating greater heat uniformity within the chamber.

Digital versions of Top commercial pizza ovens offer the additional benefit of programming ignition, shutdown, and two settings for operation: full pace and non-continuous work. Resistance power adjustment becomes simpler as it occurs automatically based on the temperature set on the oven's display.

Commercial electric pizza ovens “Top” range feature a steam vent valve to regulate the amount of steam inside the chamber. Furthermore, to facilitate opening and closing operations and better insulate the chamber, all commercial pizza oven doors are balanced through an adjustable pull spring.

You can also use them as tray pizza ovens by purchasing trays as accessories.

Two other types of commercial electric pizza ovens are conveyor commercial pizza ovens and rotating pizza ovens, which we will discuss below.

Conveyor Commercial Pizza Oven

Conveyor commercial pizza ovens, are a type of commercial electric pizza oven designed to quickly bake pizzas or snacks, usually in 3 or 4 minutes.

Chefook's conveyor commercial pizza ovens are convection ovens and are ideal for pizzerias that need to produce large volumes of pizza in a short time, in an automated manner, without the need for specialized personnel. Production ranges from 22 pizzas per hour for smaller models to up to 100 pizzas for larger models.

To operate tunnel ovens, simply set the recommended temperature of 320°C, adjust the conveyor speed, and place the pizza or other food to be cooked on it. Retrieve them at the end of the quick baking cycle.

Rotating Pizza Oven

The rotating pizza oven is a state-of-the-art commercial electric pizza oven through which it is possible to simultaneously bake multiple pizzas arranged on a rotating plate, making the baking process faster and more automated. Chefook's Top rotating pizza oven features heating elements embedded within the refractory stone (Activestone® technology). The refractory stone is located on the floor, while the ceiling and walls do not have refractory stone.

How much does a commercial pizza oven cost?

The prices of the commercial pizza oven in our store start from €589.00 + VAT for commercial electric pizza ovens and from €1782 + VAT for commercial gas pizza ovens. All pizza ovens sold in Chefook's store are professional.

To bake pizza, is it preferable to use a ventilated or static pizza oven?

All commercial pizza ovens are static, except for some conveyor commercial pizza ovens that offer both ventilated and static models.

For optimal pizza baking, a static pizza oven is preferred, as it allows for maintaining the high temperatures generated inside the chamber. The heating elements in a static indoor pizza oven should be positioned close to the pizza to ensure temperatures of approximately 450°C, necessary for proper baking. Ventilated pizza ovens, such as conveyor commercial pizza ovens, have a larger chamber and reach lower temperatures.

What is the difference between a commercial pizza oven and a home pizza oven?

The difference between a commercial pizza oven and a home pizza oven lies in the voltage, power consumption, and performance.

A domestic pizza oven typically operates at 220V, has smaller dimensions, and reaches lower maximum temperatures compared to a professional electric pizza oven (450°C) or a professional gas pizza oven (420°C).

At the domestic level, it is also possible to use a traditional home convection oven; however, the results will always be inferior compared to those obtained with a dedicated home pizza oven.

How to Use a Commercial Pizza Oven?

The use of a commercial electric or gas pizza oven varies depending on whether it is a manual or digital pizza oven. In Chefook's manual pizza oven, there are two thermostats to adjust the power level of the lower and upper heating elements.

In the digital Chefook’s commercial pizza oven, you can directly and separately set the temperature you want for the ceiling and floor. The recommended temperature for pizza baking is usually 380°C.

At what temperature should pizza be baked in the oven?

The baking temperature of the pizza oven, whether for round or tray pizza, can be adjusted up to 450°C for electric pizza ovens and 420°C for gas pizza ovens. However, the recommended temperature is approximately 380°C for traditional professional pizza ovens and 320°C for tunnel pizza ovens.

How long should pizza bake in the oven?

For both traditional professional pizza ovens and tunnel ovens, the pizza's baking time is 3-4 minutes; however, this can vary depending on the dough and pizza filling.

What else can pizza ovens cook besides pizza?

Classic static commercial pizza ovens can optimally bake small-sized bread, but due to the chamber's height of only 15 cm, the oven is suitable only for low-profile baked goods. Static conveyor commercial pizza ovens are suitable not only for pizza but also for cooking various snacks like toast, sandwiches, focaccias, flatbreads, tortillas, and croutons. Ventilated conveyor commercial pizza ovens are ideal for pizza and any gastronomy product.

How much does a commercial electric pizza oven consume?

Commercial electric pizza ovens are powered at 380 V in three phases, and consumption varies depending on the size. For smaller commercial pizza ovens in the series that consume less, we start from 5.6 kW, reaching up to 26.6 kW for ovens that can bake 18 pizzas.

Are commercial pizza ovens required to have a chimney?

All commercial gas oven for pizza are legally required to use a chimney and an exhaust hood. Alternatively, instead of using the hood, it's possible to connect the oven's piping to the chimney.

Can a commercial electric pizza oven be installed without a chimney and hood?

A commercial electric pizza oven can be installed without a chimney and hood, but before installation, it is advisable to consult the relevant Local Health Authority (ASL) because mandatory regulations may vary depending on the region.

Chefook deals with second hand commercial pizza oven?

Chefook exclusively sells new commercial pizza ovens with refractory stone at competitive prices.

Refractory stone in commercial pizza ovens

Commercial electric and gas pizza ovens are designed with refractory stone as standard on the oven floor. It is possible to request optional refractory ceiling and walls for manual and digital Max and Top electric pizza ovens. However, the option for refractory walls/ceiling is not available for Flame commercial gas pizza ovens and rotating pizza ovens Top. These are only available with refractory stone on the floor. The thickness of the refractory stone varies depending on the oven type:

  • Manual pizza ovens: 14 mm.
  • Top models, both manual and digital, and gas pizza ovens Flame: 22 mm.

How to clean the oven and refractory stone of the pizza oven for commercial use?

To properly clean the interior of an electric or gas pizza oven, it is necessary to let the refractory stone cool before each operation. We recommend removing food residues inside the pizza oven chamber using a brush or a plastic spatula, as metal brushes could scratch the refractory stone. Then wipe the refractory stone with a cloth dampened with warm water, avoiding the use of detergents and cleaners that could corrode and damage it.

What is the Activestone® heating technology?

The Activestone® technology is applied in professional manual and digital Top electric pizza ovens for commercial use. Inside the refractory stone tiles, there are embedded resistors that enable faster heating. The distance between the resistor and the base in the Top pizza ovens' refractory tiles is 0.8mm.

How are the resistors on the ceiling of the commercial electric pizza oven presented?

In the absence of refractory stone, the resistors on the ceiling are armoured and visible.

What material is used for the insulation in pizza ovens for commercial use?

The MAX commercial pizza oven uses pressed wool; the TOP and FLAME models use loose wool.




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