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Commercial Electric and Gas Pizza Ovens

Looking for a high-quality Italian Commercial Pizza Oven at a competitive price?

Chefook offers a range of commercial electric and gas pizza ovens for any professional need. Check our catalogue!


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Commercial Conveyor Pizza Ovens

Static Commercial Conveyor Pizza Oven 30 x 33cm Diameter Pizzas
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€ 1.799,00
€ 1.599,00
(+ IVA € 351,78)
Static Commercial Conveyor Pizza Oven 60 x 33 cm Diameter Pizzas
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€ 2.219,00
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(+ IVA € 461,78)

Rotary Pizza Ovens

Commercial electric and gas pizza ovens: FAQ

Commercial electric and gas pizza ovens: choose the type that best suits your restaurant/pizzeria!

Commercial gas pizza ovens


Choosing a gas oven for your pizzeria will result in an economic advantage because energy consumption will be reduced.

The burner-heated gas oven reaches the set temperature very quickly. Thanks to its heating speed, it will be able to bring the temperature back to optimum level every time the door is opened during the cooking phase.

In addition, the temperature between the bottom and the top is automatically balanced to obtain an optimal result.


It is necessary to consider the need for a connection to the flue pipe/suction hood.

Commercial electric pizza ovens

Most of the electric pizzeria ovens marketed by Chefook are equipped with manual thermostats for independent temperature regulation of the oven chamber bottom and the top, according to the needs of the pizza maker, thus allowing greater heat uniformity inside the chamber.

The digital versions of some commercial ovens such as the Pyralis models, offer the possibility to program the on and off switching and two working settings: continuous and not continuous working.

What is the difference between Eko manual electric commercial pizza ovens and Max commercial pizza ovens?

The two models are similar in performance, but the Max electric pizza ovens offer additional advantages:

  • A lever for vapour venting;
  • The possibility to request the refractory stone on the chamber walls and top as an optional.

What thickness does refractory stone of commercial pizza ovens have?

The refractory stone thickness varies according to the type of pizza oven:

  • Manual pizza ovens: 14 mm.(0,5 in)
  • Pyralis models (manual and digital) and Flame gas oven: 22 mm (0,9 in)

What is Activestone® heating technology?

Activestone® technology is applied in Pyralis commercial manual and digital electric pizza ovens and commercial digital electric pizza ovens. Inside the refractory stone slabs are inserted resistances that allow for higher heating speed. The distance between the heating element and the base of the Pyralis oven table is 0.8 mm. (0,03 in)

Where's the refractory stone placed?

Chefook's commercial electric and gas pizza ovens are designed with refractory stone on the chamber bottom as standard.

Only the Pyralis rotary pizza oven offers both chamber refractory bottom and top as standard. This model is equipped with an overhead refractory rotating plate that rests on an Activestone® technology refractory chamber bottom; the top is also refractory with visible resistances.

Is it possible to obtain refractory chamber walls and/or top on models complete with refractory stone bottom as standard?

Yes, you can request both refractory stone chamber top and walls for the Max and Pyralis manual and digital electric pizza ovens.

The refractory stone wall/top option is not available for EKO commercial electric pizza ovens and Flame gas pizza ovens. These will only be available with the refractory stone placed on the bottom.

How do the heating elements look on the commercial electric pizza oven chamber top?

In the absence of refractory stone, the resistances on the chamber top are armored and visible.

I would like to buy a manual electric pizza oven of the "TOP" range. What are the main differences between the Max and the Pyralis pizza oven range?

Both ranges are high-quality.

The Pyralis pizza oven range has an even more reinforced structure and greater insulation in order to achieve higher energy savings.

As for the resistances, while the “MAX” pizza oven range provides a single resistance placed under the refractory stone, the Pyralis manual models have 3 independent resistances placed inside the refractory stone slabs (Activestone® technology).

What material does the insulation of the commercial pizza ovens consist of?

The MAX commercial pizza oven uses pressed wool; the "PYRALIS", "FLAME" and "PROFESSIONAL" models use loose wool; finally, the ovens of the "EKO" economic line use evaporated rock wool.


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