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Commercial Extraction Canopies | Extraction Hoods

If you're looking for a commercial extractor hood for your restaurant business, you'll find the suitable solution in this section. All Chefook’s catering extractors hoods are manufactured in Italy with AISI 304 stainless steel.

Wall Mounted Extractor Hoods Snack Series Aisi 304 Stainless Steel*BEST PRICES*

From € 604, 00
From € 549, 00
(+ IVA € 22.000,00)
From € 604, 00
Cod. CHCSK0700M

Wall Mounted Extractor Hoods Snack Series

Wall Mounted Extractor Hood Kubica Series

Island Cooker Hoods Kubica Series

Extractor Hood Motors

€ 10.000, 00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
€ 10.000, 00
€ 100.000, 00
(+ IVA € 22.000,00)
€ 100.000, 00
€ 100.000, 00
(+ IVA € 22.000,00)
€ 100.000, 00

Active Carbon Filtering Unit For Extractor Hoods

Optionals For Extractor Hoods

From € 57, 00
(+ IVA € 1.320,00)
From € 57, 00
Cod. Collare RP
From € 189, 00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
From € 189, 00
Cod. 195TL
€ 132, 00
(+ IVA € 29,04)
€ 132, 00
Cod. CM
From € 323, 00
(+ IVA € 440,00)
From € 323, 00
Cod. TR-UF34

Commercial extractors hoods: frequently asked questions

How to choose a commercial cooker extractor hood?

The commercial extractors hoods sold by Chefook are ideal for professional kitchens in restaurants, pizzerias, bars, delicatessens, pastry shops, bakeries, and any other catering business. To choose the catering extractor hood that suits your needs, you should consider:

  • Type of commercial extractor hood: choose between wall-mounted hoods or suspended hoods for kitchen islands, also known as suspension hoods or ceiling kitchen hoods.
  • Depth: commercial extraction canopies are available with depths ranging from 70 cm to 180 cm depending on the model.
  • Presence of the motor: we offer the option to purchase the commercial extraction hood complete with a motor or without a motor.
  • Active carbon filter unit: In the absence of a chimney, to eliminate fumes, it is possible to install an active carbon filter.

How much does a commercial extractor hood cost?

 The price of a commercial extractor hood on the Chefook website starts from € 549,00 

When is the use of commercial extraction canopies mandatory?

Commercial extraction canopies are legally required for the use of commercial ranges, griddles, fryers, pasta cookers, professional ovens, etc., with gas supply; for electric or induction professional kitchen equipment, professional hoods are highly recommended. Installing a quality commercial kitchen extraction canopy is essential to ensure continuous air circulation that allows for the elimination of fumes and odours generated by cooking and to prevent damage to furniture and walls caused by moisture.

Island extractor hoods: when are they used?

Island cooker hoods, also called ceiling extractor hoods, are used for professional kitchens with an island.

Wall-mounted extractor hoods: when are they used?

The use of a wall-mounted extractor hoods of the Snack or Kubica series is recommended for professional kitchens against a wall.

What are the differences between the wall-mounted extraction hoods in the Snack range and those in the Kubica range?

The two wall-mounted hoods have the same functionalities, but the "cut" aesthetic of the Snack series allows for installation even in spaces with lower ceilings, preventing the operator from hitting their head on the edge of the hood.

How big should the commercial kitchen extraction canopy be?

The commercial kitchen extraction canopy should exceed the measurements of the commercial ranges by at least 10 cm on each side in both width and depth. For example, if a commercial range is 120 cm wide, the catering extractor hood should measure at least 140 cm.

What depth should the catering extractor hood have?

This depends on the depth of the kitchen equipment for which the catering extractor hood is needed. For example, if the depth is 70 cm, it will be necessary to purchase a catering extractor hood with a depth of 90 cm.

How tall are the commercial cooking exhaust hood sold by Chefook?

The commercial cooking exhaust hoods offered by Chefook have a height of 50 cm.

Would you recommend a commercial kitchen exhaust hood with an integrated or external motor?

The choice between a commercial kitchen exhaust hood with an internal or external motor depends on the length of the chimney duct and whether there are bends in the ducting. For example, if your chimney duct is straight, measures up to six meters, and its pipe has a diameter of 25/30 cm, you can opt for purchasing an industrial hood with an integrated motor. However, if the chimney duct is longer and has bends, an external motor would be more suitable as it offers better performance.

How to clean a commercial kitchen extractor hood?

To clean a commercial kitchen extractor hood, you need to use products suitable for stainless steel and regularly keep both the hood and filters clean.

Who should I contact for the installation of an industrial kitchen exhaust hood?

You will need to contact a technician, a commercial extractor hood installer, or a heating engineer. Chefook does not provide installation services.

What is needed for the proper functioning of the commercial extraction hood?

Various components are necessary: a speed controller, hood motor, collar for connection to the chimney duct, as well as various pipes or fittings, which we do not provide.

Are Chefook's commercial extraction hoods made of steel?

Yes, all our commercial extraction hoods are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Can I use only a professional hood without a chimney duct: what should I do?

In this case, you can install an activated carbon filter, which allows you to easily and quickly eliminate the fumes produced by your commercial range. It is advisable to consult the relevant ASL (Local Health Authority) before installing activated carbon filtering units. To determine if it is possible to use a professional hood without a chimney duct and equipped with activated carbon filters with gas equipment for commercial ranges, it is necessary to consult the relevant ASL.

What are condensation hoods?

Condensation hoods differ from the professional kitchen hoods offered by Chefook because they are not connected to the chimney duct but to the electrical and sewage system, where the fumes will be expelled. Condensation hoods on the Chefook website are only available as optional features for the latest generation manual, digital, and touch professional electric ovens ranging from 4 to 20 trays.

Are commercial extractor hoods sold with filters already included?

Yes, both island cooker hoods and wall-mounted extractor hoods are sold by Chefook with filters already included.

Is it necessary to replace the filters of the extraction hoods?

To ensure that the filters of commercial extraction hoods last over time and do not require replacement, it is sufficient to clean them regularly. If they break, we suggest contacting our customer service for a quotation.

How often should the activated carbon filters for commercial cooker extractor hoods without a chimney duct be replaced?

The lifespan of activated carbon filters depends on the frequency of catering extractor hood usage and the types of fumes being aspirated. Activated carbon filters used for commercial fryers may need to be replaced more frequently than those used for commercial ranges where predominantly sauces or jams are prepared.

Does Chefook provide pipes for commercial cooking exhaust hoods?

No, for pipes, you need to contact a plumber or a heating engineer.

What diameter should a chimney duct pipe have?

The larger the commercial extraction canopy, the more advisable it is to use a larger diameter pipe.

Is a speed controller recommended?

It is always recommended to purchase a speed controller to choose the air extraction force; in addition to limiting electricity consumption, the speed controller mainly helps to extend the life of the motor, which will not have to run constantly at maximum power.

What should I do if the commercial extraction hood is not working?

In case of commercial extraction hood malfunction, we recommend contacting an electrician or an installer.

Why do commercial extractor hood motors for commercial ranges have different prices?

At Chefook, you can purchase extraction hood motors at different prices. The cost of a commercial extraction hood motor depends on the air flow rate, pressure (both to be chosen according to the size of the hood), and whether it operates in single-phase or three-phase mode.

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