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Commercial Extraction Canopies | Extraction Hoods

In this section you will find the Chefook range of commercial extraction canopies, sorted into wall-mounted extractor hoods and island cooker hoods also called ceiling extractor hoods. They are ideal for the professional kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias, bars, pastry shops, bakeries and any other type of catering activity.

All Chefook commercial extractor hoods are manufactured in Italy in AISI 304 stainless steel and can be purchased at a price similar to those you would spend on a second-hand commercial extraction canopy, offering you the guarantee of a new product.

Wall Mounted Extractor Hoods Snack Series

Commercial Extractor Hood Snack Depth 70 cm With Motor
From € 609,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. G1SV0700
Commercial Extractor Hood Snack Depth 70 cm Without Motor
Wall Mounted Commercial Extractor Hood 'Snack'
From € 619,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. G1SV0900
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Snack', Depth 90 cm Depth Without Motor
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Snack', 110 cm Depth With Motor
From € 659,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. G1SV1100
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Snack', Depth 110 cm Without Motor

Wall Mounted Extractor Hood Cubic Series

Commercial Extractor Hood 'Cubic', Depth 90 cm Without Motor
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Cubic', Depth 90 cm With Motor
From € 719,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. G1CPV0900
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Cubic', Depth 110 cm Without Motor
From € 609,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. G1CP1100
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Cubic', 110 cm Depth With Motor
From € 779,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. G1CPV1100
Wall Mounted Commercial Extractor Hood 'Cubic', 140 cm Without Motor
From € 629,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. G1CP1400
Commercial Extractor Hood 'Cubic', 140 cm Depth With Motor
From € 849,00
(+ IVA € 2.200,00)
Cod. G1CPV1400

Island Cooker Hoods Line Series

Extractor Hood For Commercial Kitchen Islands 140 cm Depth, Built-In Motor
Extractor Hood For Commercial Kitchen Islands 140 cm Depth, Without Motor
Extractor Hood For Commercial Kitchen Islands 180 cm With Built-in Motor
Extractor Hood For Commercial Kitchen Islands Depth 180 cm Without Motor

Extractor Hood Motors

Single-Phase Boxed Motor For Extractor Hood - Galvanized Exterior
From € 579,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. MED000Z
Three-phase Motor for Extractor Hood  with Belt Transmission
From € 1.359,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. CPA

Active Carbon Filtering Unit For Extractor Hoods

From € 1.329,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. UF

Optionals For Extractor Hoods

Collar For Extractor Hood
From € 47,00
(+ IVA € 1.100,00)
Cod. Collare
Speed Variator For Commercial Extractor Hood
From € 189,00
(+ IVA € 0,22)
Cod. 195TL
Hopper Collars For UF1 and UF2 Active Carbon Filters
From € 219,00
(+ IVA € 440,00)
Cod. TR-UF12
From € 269,00
(+ IVA € 440,00)
Cod. TR-UF34

Commercial extraction canopies FAQ

When is the use of a commercial kitchen extraction system mandatory?

Commercial kitchen extraction is required by law in case of use of gas-supplied commercial ranges, commercial griddles, commercial fryers, pasta cookers etc. For electric and induction commercial kitchen equipment, a commercial kitchen extraction system is strongly recommended.

In the case of a commercial kitchen islands, what industrial cooker hood is needed?

In this case ceiling extractor hoods, known also island extractor hoods or kitchen island extractors are recommended.

What are the differences between the wall mounted extractor hoods of the Snack range and of the Cubic range?

The two wall-mounted cooker hoods have the same functionalities but a different aesthetics; the price difference comes from the fact that they are built in a different way.

How much does my industrial extractor hood need to measure?

The commercial kitchen extractor hood must be at least 10 cm wider and deeper than the dimensions of the professional kitchen. For example, in case of a professional kitchen with a width of 120 cm, the industrial kitchen extractor must measure at least 140 cm.

How deep must an industrial kitchen extractor hood be?

This depends on the depth of the professional kitchen equipment for which the commercial cooker hood is needed. With a 70 cm deep kitchen equipment, you will need to buy a commercial extractor hood with a depth of 90 cm.

How tall are the commercial extraction canopies sold by Chefook?

The industrial kitchen extractor hood sold by Chefook are 50 cm high.

Do you recommend a commercial kitchen extractor hood with built-in or external motor?

The choice between a commercial extractor hood with internal or external motor depends on the length of the flue pipe and the presence or absence of bends in the path of the pipe. If, for example, your chimney has no bends, measures up to 6 metres and its pipe has a diameter of 25/30 cm, you can opt for the purchase of an industrial cooker hood with built-in engine. If, on the other hand, the flue pipe is longer and has curves, an external motor will be more suitable because it is more efficient.

How do I clean a commercial extraction canopy?

It is necessary to use products suitable for stainless steel and to regularly clean both the extractor hood and the filters.

Who should I contact for the installation of the commercial kitchen extraction system?

You will need to contact a technician or a boiler technician. Chefook does not provide installation service.

What is required for the proper functioning of the industrial cooker hood?

You need: speed variator, extractor hood motor, collar for connection to the chimney as well as the various pipes or fittings that we do not provide.

Are Chefook's industrial extractor hoods made of stainless steel?

Yes, all our industrial kitchen extractors are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

In my restaurant I can only use a commercial extractor hood without a chimney: what should I do?

In this case it is possible to install an active carbon filter that allows you to eliminate the fumes produced by your commercial range in an easy and fast way.   We recommend that you consult your local health authority before installing active carbon filter units.

Is it possible to use a commercial extraction canopy without flue pipe and complete with activated charcoal filters with gas equipment for professional kitchens, such as a commercial fryer, a commercial griddle or a commercial gas range?

In this case, please consult your local health authority.

What are condensate hoods, and can I buy them on Chefook?

Condensation hoods are different from the commercial extractor hoods sold by Chefook because they are not connected to the flue pipe but to the electricity and sewage networks. The fumes are expelled into the sewer system. Chefook does not sell condensation hoods.

Are the filters of the commercial extraction canopies already included?

Yes, the filters of the island cooker hoods and wall-mounted extractor hoods sold by Chefook are included.

Do the filters of the industrial cooker hoods for commercial ranges need to be replaced?

To ensure that the filters of industrial extractor hoods last over time and won’t require replacement, it will be enough to clean them regularly. Should they break down, we suggest that you contact our customer service to request a quote.

How often do I need to replace activated charcoal filters for commercial kitchen extractor hoods without flue pipe?

The life span of activated carbon filters depends on how much the commercial range is used and the types of fumes sucked in.

The activated charcoal filters used for commercial extraction systems within catering activities where commercial frying is frequent will have to be replaced more frequently than when commercial ranges are mainly used for cooking mainly sauces or jams.

Does Chefook supply the piping for commercial extraction canopies?

No, for the pipes it is necessary to contact a plumber or a boiler technician.

What diameter must the flue pipe have?

The larger the commercial extractor hood, the more suitable a tube with a larger diameter will be.

Is the speed variator recommended?

It is always advisable to purchase the speed variator in order to be able to choose with how much force the air must be extracted; in addition to limiting the consumption of electricity, the variator contributes above all to prolonging the life span of the motor, which will not have to run constantly at its maximum power.

What should I do if the industrial cooker hood doesn't work?

In the event of problems with the extraction hood's operation, we recommend that you consult an electrician or an installer.

What does the price of the extractor motors for industrial extractor hoods distributed by Chefook depend on?

The cost of a motor for commercial extraction canopies depends on the air flow, on the pressure (both to be chosen according to the size of the commercial extractor hood) and on whether the operation is in single-phase or in three-phase.

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