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Commercial Griddles for Restaurants

Chefook offers you a wide range of high Italian quality electric and gas griddles (called also fry tops)! You can choose between plain and grooved griddles plates with steel top or smooth hard-chrome coated griddles plates. They are available both as tabletop griddles and floor griddles. Take advantage of Chefook's competitive prices! Get your commercial griddle (fry top) paying a price which is slightly higher than a second-hand commercial griddle.

Commercial Griddles: FAQ

What is a commercial griddle, what is it for and how do I use it?

The catering griddle, called also fry-top, is a smooth and/or ribbed plate without holes used for cooking foods at high temperatures such as meat, fish and vegetables.

The cooking on the griddle plate will simply take place by positioning the food on the plate even without using oil.

All catering griddles are slightly tilted towards the user to facilitate the dripping of grease onto the grease channel, which will flow into a recovery tray through a large drain hole.

How do I clean a commercial griddle?

For the cleaning we recommend turning on the griddle, plugging the hole, filling the surface of the top with water, scratching the surface with steel brushes, then emptying the tank and remove the residues with a cloth. In the steel versions, after cleaning, it is always advisable to add a little oil on the surface to prevent rusting and to ensure that the surface always remains shiny.

For hard chrome catering griddles, simply wipe the surface of the hob with a cloth.

What is the material used for Chefook's commercial griddles?

Most Chefook's commercial griddles have smooth or grooved steel plates. Steel allows high thermal seal and homogeneous distribution of heat on the plate.

In our Chefook's online store you will also find commercial hard-chrome gas and electric griddles plates.

Smooth or grooved griddle plate: which one to choose?

The commercial griddle with smooth steel or hard chrome plate is suitable for cooking all foods, even the most delicate, such as fish, and is the most practical and quickest to clean.

The grooved griddle plate is mainly used to leave the optical effect of the rifling on the product.

Gas griddle

The stainless-steel plate will be heated by burners located under the top.

For gas griddles with steel plates, it will be possible to adjust the temperature from 100°C (212°F) to over 300°C (572°F) using also intermediate values.

For the hard chrome versions, the maximum temperature that can be reached will be 270°C because beyond this threshold the chrome coating may be damaged.

Electric griddles

As for electric griddles, heat is exchanged through INCOLOY steel resistors located under the plate. Using a frontal knob, you can adjust the temperature with precision from 50°C (122°F) to 270°C (518°C).

Is the suction hood mandatory for commercial griddles?

The use of the suction hood is mandatory only for gas griddles. In the case of electric griddles there is no obligation to install the fume hood, although its use is recommended in order to reduce cooking odors. In any case, you will need to enquire the local health authority.

What are the best-selling catering griddle models?

The floor gas commercial griddle with double smooth-grooved plate and 70 cm (27,5 in) depth is ideal for restaurants thanks to its versatility and the possibility of combining the smooth plate with the ribbed one.

The countertop gas griddle with double smooth plate 70 cm (27,5 in) depth is the most popular for street food because it is easy to carry.

What is the difference between commercial griddles, lava stone grills and water grills?

The commercial griddle is practical because cooking takes place on a closed, sealed surface. The lava stone grill, gas version, guarantees a natural cooking giving the meat the smoked aroma typical of grilled meat even if it is more subject to smoke and flames. In the case of the water grill, the fat runs over the water instead of the flame, thus preventing large quantities of smoke and flames from being generated.

Which is the difference between catering griddle and teppanyaki?

The cooking plate of the catering griddle (fry top) is slightly tilted to facilitate the dripping of cooking fat; it is usually smaller than teppanyaki and used in traditional professional kitchens.

The teppanyaki cooking plate, used in ethnic kitchens, is completely flat because ethnic cooking does not present the problem of dripping fat. Food is cooked on the central part of the plate, while the sides, since they have lower temperatures, are used to keep the product warm.

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