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Commercial Restaurant Griddles

At Chefook, we offer an extensive selection of premium Italian-made commercial griddles, available in both electric and gas options. Choose from a variety of configurations, including flat-top or ribbed plates, with surfaces crafted from durable stainless steel or hard chrome. Our griddles come in countertop and freestanding versions, with depths ranging from 70 cm to 90 cm to suit your kitchen layout. Don't miss out on our competitive prices on Chefook brand griddles!

Commercial Griddles: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a commercial griddle, its purpose, and how is it operated?

A commercial griddle consists of a smooth or ribbed plate, devoid of perforations, utilized for cooking various foods such as meat, fish, and vegetables at elevated temperatures.
Cooking on a commercial griddle entails placing the food directly onto the plate, often without the need for oil or fat, promoting healthier cooking methods.
Additionally, all catering griddles are slightly angled towards the user to aid in the drainage of grease into a drip tray via a sizable drainage aperture.

Which Catering Griddle is Best for Your Restaurant Business?

When selecting the ideal catering griddle for your restaurant business, consider the following factors:
  • Power Source: Determine whether a commercial gas or electric griddle suits your needs best.
  • Griddle Style: Choose between a commercial countertop griddle or a freestanding one based on your kitchen layout and preferences.
  • Size: Decide on the depth of the commercial griddle, with options typically ranging from 70 cm to 90 cm.
  • Number and Type of Plates: Opt for a commercial griddle with either one or two plates, available in smooth and/or ribbed configurations.

Plate Material: Look for commercial griddle plates crafted from AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel for durability, or consider models with non-stick hard chrome coatings for easier cleaning and maintenance.

How much does a commercial griddle cost?

The price of a commercial griddle on our site starts from € 899,00 and varies depending on whether it's a commercial electric or gas griddle. Check prices on Chefook.com.

Commercial Gas Griddles: Enhancing Energy Efficiency

When considering your options for commercial griddles, commercial gas griddles stand out for their superior energy-saving capabilities compared to electric counterparts. You have a variety of choices, ranging from countertop to freestanding units, available in smooth or ribbed designs, with depths of either 70 or 90 cm, and featuring surfaces made of stainless steel AISI 304 or chrome coating.
In a commercial gas griddle, the plate is heated by burners situated beneath the surface, with temperature control mechanisms tailored to the specific type of plate.
For gas griddles equipped with AISI 430 MOCA steel plates, temperature regulation is achieved through a valve tap, offering a range of adjustment from minimum to maximum heat output. In chrome-coated gas griddles, temperature settings typically span from 100°C to 240°C.
It's important to note that according to regulations, the installation of a chimney and an extraction hood is necessary for commercial gas griddles to ensure proper ventilation.

Commercial Electric Griddles: Uniform Cooking with Enhanced Safety

Commercial electric griddles offer consistent heat distribution and heightened safety features, notably the absence of open flames.
Available in countertop or freestanding designs, with depths ranging from 70 cm to 90 cm, these griddles come with smooth and/or ribbed surfaces crafted from stainless steel AISI 304 or chrome coating.
In commercial electric griddles, heat is generated by steel resistors located beneath the plate. Both stainless steel and chrome-coated electric griddle plates enable precise temperature adjustments ranging from 100°C to 240°C via a front-mounted knob for effortless control.

Commercial Smooth or Ribbed Griddle: Which One to Select?

When deciding between a commercial smooth or ribbed griddle, it's essential to consider your cooking needs and preferences.
A commercial flat-top griddle with a stainless steel or hard chrome plate is versatile, accommodating various foods, including delicate items like fish and vegetables, as the smooth surface ensures even cooking. Additionally, smooth griddles are favored for their ease of cleaning and efficiency.
On the other hand, a commercial ribbed griddle is primarily chosen for imparting visually appealing grill marks on meats, enhancing their presentation.
Ultimately, the choice between smooth and ribbed griddles depends on the desired cooking outcomes and aesthetic preferences of your culinary creations.

Choosing Between Commercial Gas or Electric Griddles with Stainless Steel or Chrome-Coated Surfaces

When selecting between commercial gas or electric griddles with smooth and/or ribbed plates, one critical decision involves the material of the plate: stainless steel or chrome-coated.
AISI 304 stainless steel griddle plates offer excellent thermal resistance and ensure even heat distribution across the surface, ensuring consistent cooking results.
Alternatively, commercial griddles may feature a chrome coating applied atop the steel surface, known as chrome plating. This treatment enhances the durability of the griddle plate over time and simplifies the cleaning process, making maintenance more manageable in a busy kitchen environment.
Ultimately, the choice between stainless steel and chrome-coated griddle surfaces depends on your specific requirements, considering factors such as durability, ease of cleaning, and long-term performance in your commercial kitchen setting.

Top-Selling Commercial Griddle Models

The leading choice among commercial griddles is the gas freestanding model featuring a double smooth-ribbed plate, with a depth of 70 cm. Renowned for its versatility, this griddle is highly favored by restaurants, offering the flexibility to utilize both smooth and ribbed plates to accommodate various culinary creations.
For those operating street food stalls or mobile sandwich bars where mobility is essential, the model 20GX7FL8B-2 stands out as an ideal option. Its compact design and easy transportability make it a preferred choice for on-the-go food service establishments.

Cleaning the Restaurant Griddle Plate

To maintain the cleanliness of stainless steel restaurant griddle plates, several methods can be employed:
  • Utilize cold water or ice on the hot plate to facilitate the removal of stuck-on residues.
  • Create a cleaning solution by mixing water and vinegar, which effectively cuts through grease and grime.
  • Alternatively, specialized stainless steel cleaners can be used to restore the griddle plate's pristine condition.
  • Following the cleaning process, it's essential to apply a thin layer of oil to the stainless steel surface. This not only enhances its shine but also serves to prevent the formation of rust.

For chrome-coated commercial griddles, a gentle approach is recommended:

  • Use a soft cloth dampened with a non-abrasive neutral detergent to wipe down the chrome-coated surface, ensuring thorough cleaning without scratching.
  • When removing food residues and crusts, opt for smooth silicone spatulas to safeguard against any potential damage to the surface.
  • By adhering to these cleaning practices, you can ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your restaurant griddle plate.

Is an Extraction Hood Mandatory for Commercial Griddles?

The requirement for an extraction hood and chimney varies depending on the type of commercial griddle being used:
For commercial gas griddles, the installation of an extraction hood and chimney is mandatory. This ensures proper ventilation and safety measures due to the combustion process involved.
In contrast, for commercial electric griddles, the hood is not mandatory by default. However, it is often recommended to minimize cooking odors and maintain a comfortable kitchen environment.
It's essential to consult with the local health authority (ASL) in your area to ensure compliance with regulations specific to your jurisdiction.

Distinguishing Between a Commercial Griddle and a Lava Stone Grill

The primary difference lies in their cooking methods and resulting flavors:
  • Commercial Griddle: Utilizes a closed, sealed surface for cooking, providing a practical and versatile cooking platform. It offers consistent and even cooking without the need for an open flame.
  • Lava Stone Grill: In its gas versions, the lava stone grill facilitates natural cooking, imparting the characteristic smoky aroma associated with grilling. However, it's more susceptible to producing smoke and flames due to its open design.
While both cooking appliances have their merits, the choice between them often comes down to the desired cooking style, flavor profile, and kitchen setup.

Distinguishing Between a Commercial Griddle and a Commercial Teppanyaki Grill

The primary differences between these two cooking appliances lie in their design and usage:
Commercial Griddle: 
  • Features a slightly inclined cooking surface to facilitate grease runoff, typically found in traditional professional kitchens.
  • Generally smaller in size compared to teppanyaki grills.
  • Utilized for a variety of cooking tasks in diverse culinary settings.
Commercial Teppanyaki Grill:
  • Features a completely flat cooking plate, commonly used in ethnic kitchens.
  • Cooking primarily takes place on the central part of the plate, while the sides maintain lower temperatures for keeping food warm.
  • Designed specifically for teppanyaki-style cooking, emphasizing precise control and presentation.
While both appliances serve their respective purposes well, the choice between them often depends on the specific culinary requirements and style of cuisine being prepared.


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