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Undercounter Industrial Dishwashers: Restaurant and Catering Dishwashers

Explore our complete range of commercial dishwashers designed to meet the needs of your restaurant, bar, wine bar, pastry shop, pizzeria, bakery, butcher shop, canteen, or any other catering business.



Commercial dishwashers: Frequently Asked Questions

What is an industrial dishwasher?

A commercial or industrial dishwasher is a high-performance equipment that allows for quick washing of dishes such as glasses, cutlery, plates, pots, trays in short cycles.

The washing cycle depends on the type of industrial dishwasher. In the Chefook catalogue, there are dishwashers for restaurants and bars with a fixed washing cycle of 120 seconds. The design of two separate wash and rinse arms ensures perfect-clean dishes. You can count on a 3-axis arm for washing and a 2-axis arm for rinsing. This way, there won't be any detergent residues left on the dishes because the rinse water is not contaminated.

How to choose a commercial dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers by Chefook use the most advanced technologies, ensuring thorough washing and top performance. The value for money is the best on the market. You can purchase your restaurant dishwasher spending just a little more than a used commercial dishwasher without compromising on quality.

All our industrial dishwashers come with detergent and rinse aid dispensers installed and are electronic with manual controls. To choose the right catering dishwasher, you'll need to consider:

  • Size: Choose your commercial kitchen dishwasher based on the desired dimensions and maximum height. Dishwashers chosen by bars, pastry shops, wine bars, bakeries, or butcher shops tend to be more compact. Commercial dishwashers for restaurants, pizzerias, or cafeterias are usually larger industrial ones with better performance.
  • Power supply: On our website, there are single-phase or three-phase professional dishwashers.
  • Basket size: Industrial dishwashers have a 50x50 cm basket.
  • Cycle duration: The basic models of our industrial kitchen dishwashers have a washing cycle of 120 seconds.
  • Type: Both mechanical and electronic commercial dishwashers machines are available on the market. At the moment being, all dishwashers for bars and restaurants in the Chefook catalogue are electronic with manual controls.

Chefook also offers a range of hood dishwashers and commercial glasswashers.

How much does a restaurant dishwasher cost?

The cheapest commercial dishwasher starts from € 979,00 for the more compact model and increases gradually as you move to larger and higher-performance professional dishwasher models. Check our offers on the Chefook’s website.

How much do commercial dishwasher machines consume?

The consumption of commercial dishwashers’ machines depends on the model. It ranges from a power of 3.45 kWh for single-phase professional dishwashers to a maximum of 6.52 kWh for three-phase ones.

How does an undercounter industrial dishwasher work?

The undercounter industrial dishwasher draws water from the water supply to introduce it into the tank. The water is heated by an electric resistance and mixed with detergent. The water mixed with detergent will then be poured onto the dirty dishes thanks to the rotating arms and then discharged by means of a drain pump if present; otherwise, the water will be expelled by gravity. This will be followed by the rinsing and shining phase during which clean water is introduced. Food residues will be retained by the filters.

At what temperature does a catering dishwasher wash?

The temperature of the tank is 55°C while the boiler temperature is 80°C.

Single-phase or three-phase professional dishwasher: which one to choose?

The choice between a single-phase dishwasher and a three-phase dishwasher depends on the available electrical current and the type of machine use. Restaurant dishwashers with a three-phase system are equipped with more powerful components with better performance and therefore absorb a greater amount of electrical current. Single-phase dishwashers are particularly popular with our customers for their reduced consumption and the possibility of installing them in any environment.

What are the advantages of 3-phase commercial dishwashers?

The three-phase commercial dishwasher is particularly suitable for industrial use because it is more powerful, with greater electrical capacity and the ability to handle significant continuous workloads due to repeated washings; the better distributed energy absorption will prevent unnecessary energy overloads.

Three-phase professional dishwashers differ from single-phase ones due to the greater power of the resistors. Thanks to this characteristic, the water will be heated more quickly.

What is the best-selling model among Chefook commercial dishwashers for restaurant?

Our best-selling model of commercial dishwasher for restaurants is currently the CHLP50, which combines high performance with the low price.

What detergents are recommended for industrial dish machines?

We always recommend using specific high-quality detergent and rinse aid formulations created thanks to Chefook's experience and designed specifically for industrial dishwashers or for self-cleaning ovens. You can count on:

  • Detergents: they guarantee adequate cleaning and disinfect the product with very high standards.
  • Rinse aid: used to keep the machine components intact and clean both the boiler and other components subject to limescale. It also ensures perfect drying of glasses or dishes, avoiding the formation of drops on the surface.

What is included in Chefook’s industrial dishwasher machines?

Chefook’s industrial dishwashers come with 2 baskets and 1 cutlery holder.

What optional accessories are recommended for industrial restaurant dishwashers?

  • Commercial dishwasher table: Suitable for commercial dishwashers with a 50x50cm basket, it is used to raise them to the same level as the sink, providing greater ease of use. Raising the dishwasher supports the water outlet and provides an alternative to installing the drain pump.
  • Drain pump, pressure increasing pump, and Kit 4 stainless steel legs 5-7cm.

How to clean the commercial kitchen dishwasher?

We recommend using high-temperature washes monthly (about 75°C) to sanitize the tank thoroughly. Remove grease and limescale with products specifically designed for commercial dishwashers. Regular cleaning of the filters is also important.

Why is it not convenient to buy a used commercial dishwasher?

 Buying a second-hand commercial dishwasher is not convenient as it is already subject to wear and often not covered by a warranty. At Chefook, you will find dishwashers for catering at very competitive prices, as well as pre and post-sales telephone assistance, usually not offered when purchasing a used commercial dishwasher.


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