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Commercial Dishwashers

Explore our full range of commercial dishwashers designed to meet the needs of any catering facility including restaurants and bars.

Chefook's Italian industrial dishwashers use the most advanced technologies, guaranteeing accurate washing and the best performance.

The value for money offered is the best on the market without sacrificing quality. You can buy your commercial dishwasher at a price which is similar to the one you would spend for a used industrial dishwasher or a reconditioned commercial dishwasher.


Chefook’s commercial dishwashers FAQ

Which commercial dishwasher is best suited for medium to large catering activity?

The catering dishwasher XD84E has the components of larger commercial dishwashing machines, such as the 1.2 hp washing pump, boiler resistance increased to 5,4 Kw and three washing arms in the lower impeller for a higher water flow rate. This commercial dishwasher is ideal if you have little space at disposal but need a compact machine with maximum performance.

This is the smallest ware washing machine in our range. It has two 50x60 cm baskets (19.7in x 23,6), 34cm usable height (13,4 in) and it measures 59.5x72.5x85 cm (23,4x28,3 x 33,4 in), being thus ideal for medium to large restaurants. This utensil dishwasher can also hold GN1/1 trays/ pizza boxes and can be recessed under the tables. It is equipped with 3cm (1.18in) diameter washing arms and thanks to the three-phase power supply it can withstand heavy workload, and guarantee accurate washing.

What is the best-selling Chefook industrial dishwasher?

The commercial restaurant dishwasher XD54E is one of the best-selling models because it combines the ease of use of an electronic dishwasher with the practical 50 x 50 cm basket.

Catering single-phase or three-phase dishwashers: which one to choose?

The choice between a single-phase and a three-phase commercial dishwasher depends on the electrical current capacity available and the purpose for which the dishwasher is used. Three-phase dishwashers are equipped with more powerful and better performant components and therefore absorb more electricity. Single-phase dishwashers on the other hand are particularly popular with our customers because of their low energy consumption and because it's possible to install them in any environment.

What are the advantages of the commercial three-phase dishwasher?

The three-phase commercial dishwasher is particularly suitable for industrial use because it is more powerful, it has a higher electrical capacity and can handle large continuous workloads due to repeated washing; the better distributed energy absorption will avoid unnecessary energy overloads.

I am interested in purchasing a three-phase commercial dishwasher from Chefook. What is the difference between your three-phase models?

Chefook industrial dishwashers have two types of three-phase systems:

XD56E commercial dishwasher

The XD56E commercial dishwasher is equipped with a 220 V system (e.g. motor and tank heater), but with a three-phase boiler.

Characterized by a greater flow of electrical current, the three-phase is characterized by great speed and low consumption.

Commercial dishwasher model XD84E

This commercial dishwashing machine has a three-phase system: it supports heavy workloads and is not affected by boiler temperature drops; it also has washing pumps with higher water flow rates.

What are the advantages of separate impellers of the XD84E model?

Two separate impellers for washing and rinsing ensure perfectly washed dishes. You can rely on a 3-axis impeller for washing and a 2-axis impeller for rinsing. There won’t be any detergent residue left on the plate because the rinse water will not be contaminated.

What is the difference between an electromechanical commercial dishwasher and an electronic one?

The two types of commercial-grade dishwashers have the same components. However, through the digital panel it is possible to access a variety of functions such as the customisation of the washing cycles, the regulation of the tank or boiler temperature, the setting of the detergent and rinse aid dispensers to name a few.

What detergents are recommended for industrial dishwashers?

We always recommend the use of the high-quality special detergent and rinse aid formulas, specifically designed both for dishwashers and for washing self-cleaning ovens.

Chefook offers:

Detergents ensure proper cleaning and disinfect the product at very high standards.

Rinse aid are necessary to keep the dishwasher components intact and keep clean both the boiler and other components subject to scale. It also guarantees perfect drying of the glasses or dishes, preventing the formation of drops on the surface.

What are the recommended optionals?

Support cabinet for professional dishwashers.

Suitable for dishwashers with 50x50 cm basket (19,7 x19,7 in), it is used to lift them to the washbasin level for greater practicality of use. Raising the dishwasher supports water expulsion and offers an alternative to installing a drain pump.

Drain pump, pressure-relieving pump and four 5-7cm (1,9-2,7 in) stainless steel feet  kit.

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