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Frequent Questions

Does Chefook sell new or second-hand equipment?

Chefook, in its online store, sells exclusively new equipment at highly competitive prices which slightly differ from those of used equipment. Chefook does not deal with or collect second-hand equipment.

How do I search for a product on the website?

To search for a product, you can use the quick search tool above the menu.

Where may l read the products characteristics in the catalogue?

The description of each product is always followed by a technical sheet; in addition, for many categories you can compare the product with others available, thus facilitating your choice of purchase.

Can product accessories be purchased separately?

We always recommend you contact our customer service via chat or e-mail in order to receive this information. Please note that it is not possible to install many accessories by yourself and that usually, those that can be installed at home, are not sent individually for security reasons.

I need a product that I can't find on the website, can you still provide it?

Please contact us specifying your request. If the equipment you are looking for is available out of stock, it will be possible for us to insert the article in our e-commerce specially for you!

Is it possible to experience first-hand the products?

Our equipment can be viewed at our showroom at Viale dell’Industria, 23 a Bagnoli di Sopra, Padova-Italy. Contact us at the number 049-5342967 to book an appointment and one of the members of the sales staff will be happy to assist you.

How can I get a free quote?

You can directly make a quote online by following the procedure indicated on the page: https://www.chefook.com/en/pg/quotations/.

If you encounter any problem during this process, please contact our customer service via chat on www.chefook.com or by calling 049-5342967.

How can I place an order on Chefook.it?

To order a product, simply add the desired product to your basket and click on "PROCEED WITH THE ORDER" at the bottom right.

If you already have an account on the Chefook website:

  • Login by using the email address and the password received by email at the moment of registration.
  • Complete all payment and shipping destination fields and continue until you reach the order confirmation page.
  • You will receive a message containing payment instructions in your inbox.

If you don’t have an account yet:

  • Please enter your email address in the field on the left of the screen, check your privacy policy and continue.
  • Fill in all your billing information, check your privacy acceptance and continue.
  • Complete all the fields related to the type of payment and destination of the shipment and continue until the order confirmation page appears.
  • You will receive a message in your inbox containing payment instructions.

If you have any problem, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 049-5342967.

How do I cancel an order?

To cancel an order, simply send an email to info@chefook.com or call 049-5342967.

How do I restore my forgotten password?

From the login page simply click on the link "Forgot your password".

Does Chefook offer a warranty on its products?

Chefook offers a 1-year warranty on spare parts if the purchase is made by professional activities. In case the warranty has expired or if the failure is caused by incorrect installation or unauthorized tampering by the customer or installer, the cost of the replacement will be borne by the customer.

Which service centre should I contact in case of breakdowns or malfunctions of the equipment purchased?

Chefook recommends that you get in contact with your trusted technician who can contact Chefook and get prompt telephone assistance for the quick resolution of the problem. The warranty will only cover spare parts.

Is it possible to view and pick up the goods directly from your premises?

Sure! To visit our showroom and / or pick up the products yourself, simply come at our headquarters iat Viale dell'industria, 23 - 35023 - BAGNOLI DI SOPRA (PD), by appointment to be fixed at the number 049-5342967. 

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