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Commercial Upright Fridges and Freezers

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You can choose between commercial upright fridges and freezers of different capacities and characteristics: with one or two, steel or glass, door. Special versions are also available for the preservation of fish or pastry products.

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What types of commercial fridges does Chefook sell?

Chefook sells commercial upright fridges, freezers and commercial fridges-freezers with temperatures ranging from -22°C (-7,6°F) for freezers to +10°C (50°F) for fridges.

What is Chefook's catering refrigerators energy class?

Domestic refrigerators are classified by energy class. However, it is not possible to compare the energy class of domestic refrigerators with that of commercial refrigerators because much more powerful motors capable of withstanding a greater workload are used for food service activities.

Do I need a drain for condensate water?

No, you don't need a drain. Condensed water is absorbed by a special sponge placed near the compressor, which causes it to evaporate, making the discharge superfluous.

How do Chefook commercial fridges and freezers defrost?

The defrosting takes place by stopping the engine: in this way, the slowly formed ice thaws and falls into a container equipped with a sponge that facilitates its absorption. The water collected in this way is then evaporated by the heat of the engine.

How can I view the internal temperature?

All Chefook commercial upright freezers and fridges are equipped with a display through which it is possible to visualize the internal temperature. The display also allows you to set the temperature and control the various devices of the machine.

How do I clean Chefook commercial fridges and freezers?

To clean the industrial fridge, simply wipe the internal and external surfaces with a sponge soaked in water and a neutral detergent. Cleaning is also facilitated by the rounded internal corners.

What is the insulation of these industrial refrigerators?

All Chefook refrigerated cabinets are optimally insulated with high pressure injected polyurethane. Insulation thickness, which can vary from 5 cm to 7.5 cm (2 in to 2.9 in) depending on the model chosen, favours cold sealing, performance and the consequent saving of energy.

Do Chefook commercial upright fridges and freezers consume much energy?

The consumption of these tall commercial fridges and freezers is contained thanks to insulation, automatic closing and the presence of magnetic gaskets that guarantee cold sealing and energy saving. In addition, the fan lock device activated when the door is opened prevents rapid cold dispersion.

Who can I turn to for assistance?

Chefook commercial upright fridges and freezers are manufactured with components easily available from any refrigerator technician or repairman who can easily intervene for repairs and routine maintenance.

Is their refrigeration system ventilated or static?

All our commercial upright fridges and freezers are equipped with ventilated refrigeration. Some models more suitable for pastry shops are equipped with a device that allows you to adjust the ventilation and therefore the level of internal humidity.

What are the best-selling commercial upright fridges and freezers?

The most requested commercial upright fridges and freezers are those with a capacity of 700 - 1400 litres (150 -308 Uk Gallons) because they are the most versatile and with the best value for money. They can hold both 2 GN 1/1 trays (the most used in gastronomy) and 60 x 40 trays.

Is the 1400-litre commercial upright fridge equipped with a partition between the two doors?

No, because there is only one engine and splitting the fridge into two chambers would compromise air circulation. This division can only be done by purchasing the special perforated partition that does not isolate the chambers.

Why choose a tall commercial freezer rather than a commercial chest freezer?

In addition to taking up much less space, the refrigerated cabinet allows the user to store food in a tidier manner so that it can be found more easily.

What type of plug do Chefook commercial refrigerators have?

All our industrial fridges and freezers are equipped with Schüco plugs (German plugs) and are powered by 220 V; they can therefore be installed in any environment.

When should I buy multiple door commercial fridges?

Multi-door commercial upright freezers and fridges are useful when you want to divide the types of food and reduce energy consumption, as the cold output will be localised.

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