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Commercial Bakery Planetary Mixers

Chefook sells commercial planetary mixers perfect for your bakery. Check our catalogue! 

Compact Commercial Planetary Mixer 7 Litres
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€ 389,00
€ 324,00
(+ IVA € 71,28)
Compact Commercial Planetary Mixer 7 Litres CHI7PL
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€ 395,00
(+ IVA € 86,90)
compact bakery planetary mixer 7 Litres
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€ 422,00
(+ IVA € 92,84)
Cod. PM7 VV
Digital Commercial Planetary Mixer 7 Lt
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€ 494,00
€ 439,00
(+ IVA € 96,58)
Commercial Planetary Mixer 7 Lt  - Digital
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€ 494,00
(+ IVA € 108,68)
Commercial Planetary Mixer 10 Lt 3 Speed Settings
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€ 615,00
€ 499,00
(+ IVA € 109,78)
Cod. CHI10PL
Commercial Planetary Mixer 20 Lt 3 Speed
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€ 824,00
€ 649,00
(+ IVA € 142,78)
Cod. CHI20PL
Commercial Planetary Mixer 20 Lt 3 Speed Settings
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€ 1.063,00
(+ IVA € 233,86)
Cod. PM 20 3V
Commercial Planetary Mixer, 30 Lt 3 Speed
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€ 879,00
€ 699,00
(+ IVA € 153,78)
Cod. CHI30PL
Commercial Planetary Mixer CHPLZ40V3 40 Lt 3 Speed CHEFOOK
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€ 3.779,00
(+ IVA € 831,38)
Cod. CHPLZ40V3
Commercial Planetary Mixer CHPLZ60V3 60 Lt 3 Speed CHEFOOK
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€ 4.199,00
(+ IVA € 923,78)
Cod. CHPLZ60V3
Commercial Planetary Mixer CHPLZ80V3 80 Lt 3 Speed CHEFOOK
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€ 4.999,00
(+ IVA € 1.099,78)
Cod. CHPLZ80V3

What does a commercial planetary mixer do?

Commercial planetary mixers are mainly used by bakeries/pastry shops to whip eggs and cream, to work soft doughs such as those for cakes, or semi hard ones such as bread doughs. They are not generally suitable for harder doughs.

When is a bakery planetary mixer recommended instead of a spiral, fork or diving arm mixer?

Commercial planetary mixers are recommended in place of the above-mentioned commercial mixers:

  • If you own a small professional activity where no large workshops are used, as it happens for personal cake designers and chefs.
  • In the case of small restaurants or bars that do not require an intensive and frequent use of a commercial dough mixer.
  • For domestic use.

If you own a pizzeria or restaurant that needs a heavy-duty commercial mixer, we recommend that you choose, according to your needs, spiral mixers, arm-dipping mixers or fork mixers.

How does a commercial dough mixer operate?

The planetary mixer is so called because the mechanical arm rotates around its own axis like the planets around the sun, making a circular movement around the axis.

What are the benefits of a commercial planetary mixer?

The industrial planetary mixer is commonly used in bakeries because it is cheaper than other commercial mixers. With it, it is possible to obtain uniform doughs in a short time thanks to the mechanical arm that, during the rotary movement, works the dough reaching every point of the bowl, even the most external ones.

Why buy a Chefook bakery planetary mixer?

Chefook commercial planetary mixers are quality and reliable kitchen equipment at a competitive price. They are manufactured with high quality components to ensure durability and are all CE marked.

What are the different mixer attachments for?

With Chefook’s planetary mixer you will find three attachments:

Flat beater

It is suitable for working with full-bodied doughs that are not excessively liquid, such as eggs and flour; it can be compared to wooden spoons or hands. It is not recommended for doughs that require excessive processing effort.

Wire whip

It is used to work liquid and foamy doughs for long time, for example to whip cream, or to mix eggs and sugar.

A dough hook

Used to obtain more consistent, compact and elastic doughs that need to be processed with greater effort, such as those for pizza, bread or homemade pasta. If, however, the use for hard doughs is continuous and for long periods of time, it is advisable to consider the purchase of spiral, plunging arm and fork mixers.

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