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Professional Pasta Cookers | Pasta Boilers

Are you looking for a commercial pasta cooker? Check Chefook's the made in Italy pasta boilers! In our online catalogue you will find a range of stainless-steel professional pasta cookers of various sizes and capacities which will meet the different needs of your bar or restaurant and will guarantee you the best value for money! 

Pasta Cookers - Best Prices!

CHEFOOK Floor Gas Pasta Cooker 26 Litres
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€ 1.099,00
€ 999,00
(+ IVA € 219,78)
Cod. CH74GPC

Pasta Cookers 60 Series

Electric Pasta Cooker CHEX6CP3B+36615600
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€ 770,00
(+ IVA € 169,40)
Cod. CHEX6CP3B+36615600

Pasta Cookers 70 Series

Commercial Gas Pasta Cooker
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€ 1.189,00
€ 1.099,00
(+ IVA € 241,78)
Commercial Gas Pasta Cooker CHCXPG80E
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€ 2.074,00
(+ IVA € 456,28)
Electric Pasta Boiler CHCXPE40
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€ 1.199,00
(+ IVA € 263,78)

Pasta Cookers 90 Series

Commercial Gas Pasta Cooker CHGX9CP40
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€ 1.483,00
(+ IVA € 326,26)
Cod. CHGX9CP40

Chefline Professional Gas and Electric Pasta Cookers: Frequently Asked Questions.

Why buy a new professional pasta cooker instead of a used one?

Choosing a new Chefook professional pasta boiler for your restaurant or bar instead of a used one means opting for greater reliability, hygiene, safety, and a one-year warranty on spare parts.

Which Chefook commercial pasta cooker is generally preferred by restaurateurs?

Chefline recommends the professional gas cooker CPG40E to restaurateurs. This is the classic standard model that can be easily adapted to various professional kitchens. The alternative versions offered by Chefook differ in depth or transportability.

The professional 60 cm deep electric countertop pasta cooker models are particularly popular within the catering business because they are compact and easy to transport.

What is the difference between a commercial gas and an electric pasta cooker?

The commercial gas pasta cooker offers greater energy savings than the electric pasta cooker.

Which basket combination should you choose for your pasta cooker?

The basket combination for your pasta boiler varies according to the function of the pasta cooker and the type of catering activity.

Do you need the most classic combination? 3 pasta cooker baskets will be perfect!

Is your restaurant bigger and handles more types of pasta?  You will need more baskets; in this case the CHCX5 basket combination for professional pasta cookers series 70 will be ideal for you.

What is the capacity of a professional pasta boiler?

The pasta capacity varies according to the tank capacity. Usually 1kg (2,2 Lb) of pasta is calculated for every 10 litres (2,2 Imp gal) of water. This value may vary according to the pasta length.

Do Chefline pasta cookers are supplied by a water change to drain the starch?

Chefook's professional pasta cookers with a depth of 70 cm (27.5in) and 90 cm (35.4 in) are equipped with a new tub mould. The starch drain is located at the front of the pasta boiler. You will be able to unload the starch in suspension by leaving the water load slightly open, thus ensuring constant cleaning. At the drain level, a removable rise allows the water to be drained from the basket.

How is water filled?

The new models have a tap installed under the drain grate. To fill the tank, simply open the tap located on the front of the professional pasta boiler.

How does a professional pasta cooker work?

Under the professional pasta cooker tank there are burners (for gas pasta cookers) or heating elements (for electric pasta cookers) that bring water to a constant boiling temperature; this allows the pasta to be cooked continuously and quickly, reducing waiting times to a minimum.

For any other questions, please contact our customer service. They will be in touch with you shortly!

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