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Pass-Through Dishwashers - Hood Dishwashers

Discover now the Chefook models of pass-through dishwashers, characterized by excellent performance and ease of use!

Pass-through dishwashers: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pass-through dishwasher?

The pass-through dishwasher, also known as a hood dishwasher, is a commercial hood-type dishwasher particularly suitable for large restaurants because, presenting a higher useful height compared to traditional commercial dishwashers, it allows for taller and bulkier items to be accommodated. It is especially suitable for restaurants or canteens with continuous workloads, offering the possibility to set washing cycles of 90 or 180 seconds.

How do you use a hood dishwasher?

With hood dishwashers, you can simplify the loading and unloading operations. It will no longer be necessary to bend down to insert and remove the baskets containing the dishes; the entrance of the hood dishwasher is positioned at waist height, and it will be sufficient to slide the trays in and out on a special steel table, available as an option.

How much does a pass-through dishwasher cost?

The price of a pass-through dishwasher on Chefook.com starts from € 1.649,00.

What accessories are included with the hood dishwasher?

The hood dishwasher includes in the price 2 square baskets for plates, 1 basket for glasses, and 3 cutlery holders.

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