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Hood Dishwashers

Check Chefook hood dishwashers! You will be able to rely on high-quality Italian commercial dishwashers with excellent performance and practicality. Both mechanical and electronic models are available.

The hood-type dishwasher is particularly suitable for restaurants because of its higher usable height if compared to traditional commercial dishwashers, allowing for accommodation of taller and bulkier objects. It can perform continuous workload and can wash up to 60 baskets or 1080 plates per hour.

Using Chefook’s hood dishwashers, loading and unloading will be easier. You will no longer have to bend over to insert and remove the baskets containing the dishes; the entrance to the dishwasher is in fact placed at waist level and it will be sufficient to slide the trays in and out via a special steel table, available as optional.

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