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Commercial Ranges/Stoves

Chefook offers the highest quality Italian commercial ranges at prices that beat the competition!

Here you will find a selection of the best commercial gas and electric commercial cookers to cater to all your needs.

Buy online your brand-new commercial range for your professional kitchen, spending just a little bit more than a used professional stove.


Chefook Commercial Ranges: Frequently Asked Questions

How are our commercial ranges classified within Chefook?

Our commercial cooker hobs are classified according to:

Type of power supply

  • Gas-fired
  • Electric
  • Induction and infrared.


Why buy a brand new Chefook commercial range instead of a second-hand one?

By purchasing a brand new Chefook commercial cooker, you will obtain:

  • A durable 100% Italian product
  • 1-year warranty on spare parts and telephone assistance in case of breakage
  • The best quality/price ratio.

Are Chefook’s commercial ranges easy to clean?

90 cm deep commercial hob models are equipped with removable burners and basins that allow easy washing; all models not equipped with removable basins, since they have a single printed top with built-in burners, can be cleaned as any steel surface.

Commercial gas or electric cooker: which one is best?

Strengths of Chefook commercial gas cookers

  • Cheap maintenance and savings on bills if compared to the use of a commercial electric range.
  • Great durability thanks to the high-quality components, such as cast-iron burners and AISI 304 18/10-thick steel hobs.
  • Flame for sautéing.

Strength of our commercial electric cookers

  • Range hoods installation is not mandatory.
  • Less power loss than commercial gas ranges.
  • Both commercial infrared and induction ranges are made of easy-to-clean glass-ceramic
  • No open flame, which translates into greater safety.

Commercial electric range with radiant, infrared and induction cooker hobs: what are the differences?

Commercial range with electric radiant hobs

This type of commercial hob represents the most economical solution among the electric versions distributed by Chefook.

Although this hob takes longer than other types of commercial electric ranges to reach the wanted temperature, the presence of the cast iron plate favours heat retention.

Commercial range with infrared hob

The advantages of using this type of commercial hob are considerable:

  • The single professional glass-ceramic hob is very easy to clean.
  • Immediate achievement of the wanted temperature.
  • Each cooking zone has two different power levels: the central one is less powerful than the external one to guarantee greater cooking homogeneity.

Commercial range with induction hob

We recommend this commercial hob for restaurateurs who need a higher cooking speed. The strengths of this commercial hob are:

  • Precise cooking without any heat loss;
  • Easy cleaning thanks to the professional glass-ceramic cooker hob;
  • Increased safety: the plate is activated, and the heat is exchanged, only when the pot touches the cooker; while the pot is being heated, the hob remains cold, thus avoiding the risk of scalding.

What kind of power supply do Chefook commercial stoves have?

All Chefook commercial gas stoves are tested by our manufacturer with nozzles for natural gas; if you wish to use LPG instead, just ask in writing when placing the order. Our technicians will do the conversion for free before shipment.

The commercial ranges are supplied with both nozzles, so it is possible to convert our commercial gas stoves from methane to LPG even after receiving them.

Chefook commercial electric stoves all require a three-phase power supply (380V) and they are shipped without the power cable. An electrician will be responsible for installation and connection in the appropriate terminal board of your commercial kitchen.

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