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Commercial Counter Fridges & Freezers

In our catalogue you will find a wide range of commercial counter fridges and freezers to best meet the needs of your catering business. Choose between counter fridges with built-in or remote motor, with or without worktop or splashback, prep fridges and saladette fridges.

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Why buy a counter fridge or freezer instead of a commercial upright fridge or freezer?

The refrigerated counter compared to the commercial upright refrigerator offers the possibility of matching a stainless-steel worktop with a professional refrigerator, thus you won't have to worry about running out of space.

Why buy a commercial counter fridge or freezer without a top?

This solution allows you to transform a simple refrigerated counter into a built-in under counter fridge or freezer, so you can place it directly under an existing worktop while preserving optimal thermal insulation, thanks to the presence of a polyurethane under top. The fridge counter can alternatively be combined with a customised shelf to furnish your room.

What kind of trays can a refrigerated counter hold?

Counter chillers with a 70 cm (27,5 inches) depth can hold GN1/1 trays/grills; if, on the other hand, you need a refrigerated counter that can hold 60 x 40 cm (23,6 x 15,7 inches) trays, you will need to purchase worktop fridges or freezers with a depth of 80 cm. (31,5 inches).

What is a splashback and what is it for?

The splashback is a raised steel sheet placed at the end of the worktop. This will prevent dirt from infiltrating and falling behind the bench fridge placed against the wall.

Which counter fridges are suitable for pizzerias?

If you need a pizza prep fridge, you will need to choose a model with a depth of 80 cm (31,5 inches) capable to store pizza boxes.

What are the advantages of a bench fridge with built-in engine compared to a fridge counter with remote engine?

A counter fridge with internal motor is much more practical to install and can be easily moved during cleaning operations. There is also no risk of overheating as the new generation motors do not produce as much heat and noise as the old generation ones.

Why not buy a second-hand worktop freezer or fridge?

On Chefook you will find new chill counters at convenient prices and you will benefit from a one-year warranty on spare parts. The purchase of a new refrigerated prep counter will also save you problems easily found in used refrigerated counters, such as small gas leaks that can compromise the refrigeration quality, causing greater energy expenditure.

Can worktop fridges and freezers be installed anywhere?

All our commercial counter fridges and freezers can withstand hot environments. Some refrigerated counter models such as the CHTF2PG are tropicalized and can support outdoor temperatures up to +45°C (113°F).

Chefook non-tropicalized worktop freezers and fridges still support outdoor temperatures up to +38°C (100,4°F).

It is always recommended to install the fridge and freezer counter away from heat sources, as exposure to high temperatures could cause motor overload.

In order to avoid the possible problem of the counter chiller's proximity to hot sources, Chefook provides refrigerated counters with motor located on the left, contrarily to the standard models where it is located on the right-side.

Are the refrigerated counters noisy?

As with heat, the installation of new generation components greatly reduces the noise produced compared to older commercial counter fridges and freezers.

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