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Space And Cook: Softcooker And Integrated Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine
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Softcooker + Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Don't miss the new Chefook Space and Cook for your restaurant. You will have the right combination of a chamber vacuum machine for perfect packaging and a Softcooker tank for low-temperature cooking of your food.

What is Space and Cook?

Space and Cook is the perfect two-in-one catering equipment, ideal for restaurants that want to have everything they need at hand for perfect vacuum cooking.

You will have at your disposal a single catering equipment consisting of a vacuum chamber packer and Softcooker tub, which will allow you to speed up the preparation of your dishes to the maximum.

Benefits of space and cook

Thanks to Space and Cook you can precisely and optimally cook food packaged in vacuum-packed bags immersed in a low-temperature water bath, preserving the taste, softness and color and minimizing the loss of liquids.

Its compact size allows easy placement in your professional kitchen.

Space and Cook is practical to use. The professional vacuum chamber machine is equipped with simple controls that allow you to easily set vacuum packing and welding times, checking the percentage of vacuum obtained and the remaining time to complete the operation.

The Softcooker is equipped with controls to set (and display) the temperature with an accuracy of +/- 0,2°C. An audible alarm will alert you both when the set temperature is reached and when cooking is finished.

The presence of 5 storable programs and the possibility of maintaining the last setting will allow you to speed up the cooking operations.

Cleaning Space and Cook is simple thanks to the hygienic stainless steel manufacture and the possibility of easily removing the sealing bar.

Additional features

The Busch vacuum suction pump is equipped with a pre-heating function and an oil cleaning cycle; you will also be notified by message when it is time to change the oil.

The Softcooker for low temperature cooking is equipped with powerful armored heating elements placed on the bottom of the tank.


1 year on spare parts.

Space and Cook is ideal for vacuum cooking meat, fish and vegetables.

Technical data sheet space and cook

Softcooker + Chamber Vacuum Pack Machine
Supply (V / Hz) 230 / 50
Power (W) 100 - 1700
Vacuum pump (mc/h) 4
Sealing bar (cm) 26
Dimensions room size (cm) 27 x 35 x 75
Cooking bowl dimensions (cm) 28 x 40 x 18
Cooking bowl capacity (lt) 19,7
Useful cooking bowl capacity (lt) 28 x 40 x 18
Temperature (°C) - ÷ -
A (cm) 69,5
B (cm) 56
C (cm) 68,5
D (cm) 25,7
E1 (cm) 34
E2 (cm) 26,3
F (cm) 26,4
G  (cm) 70,8
Peso netto (kg) 45
Packing dimensions (L x P x H) 74 x 72 x 32
Gross weight  (Kg) 48


Download Files

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