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Mycook Multifunction Professional Food Processor
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Mycook: Commercial Multifunction Food Processor

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The commercial multifunction food processor MyCook (Chefook brand thermal blender) is ideal for quickly cooking all the recipes in your restaurant or pastry shop. Use it to mix sweets, cut vegetables, prepare braised or stewed meats, cook pasta or soups and much more! Product similar to the Bimby® domestic food processor.

Advantages of the Mycook professional food processor

  • The Mycook food processor uses induction heating to quickly reach and change the set temperature; this can be adjusted from 40°C to as much as 120°C, 20% more than that of similar products from competing brands, thus allowing higher levels of cooking to be obtained than other competitors.
  • The robot is equipped with a 30% more powerful motor than that used in domestic kitchen robots and with a total of 800 W of total power.
  • The ingredients are easy to dose! The 2 liter stainless steel graduated glass is supplied with a measuring cap.
  • Both the knives hub and the glass are easy to release, allowing you a simple and quick cleaning!
  • Mycook is equipped with a cover with a safety lock that inhibits the operation of the professional food processor if it is not locked in the right position.
  • Mycook is easily programmable! In addition to the temperature and speed of the blades, you can set the processing time up to a maximum of one and a half hours! Use the dough function to mix bread, pizza and desserts; furthermore with the turbo button you can get more power when needed; this command can be useful for shredding the hardest foods. Finally, use the fried program to get excellent fried food!

Features of the Mycook food processor

This professional food processor is equipped with:

  • 2 high strength carbon stainless steel blades.
  • Removable rubber spatula, resistant to high temperatures and mixing butterfly to mix the food without ruining it.
  • Stainless steel cup of 2 liter capacity (standard).


1 year on spare parts.

MyCook is ideal for restaurants, pastry shops and delicatessens

Mycook Commercial Multifunction Food Processor
Power supply (V / Hz) 230/50
Motor Power (W) 800
Induction Power (W) 1000
Maximum Temperature (° C) 120
Glass Capacity (Lt) 2
Speed Variator 10 Levels
A (cm) 36
B (cm) 30
C (cm) 29
Net weight (Kg) 9
Packaging dimensions (W x D x H) (cm) 40 x 37 x 54
Gross Weight (Kg) 10


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