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Pacojet 2 Plus
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Pacojet 2 Plus

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Discover Pacojet 2 Plus, a special blender equipped with a steel cup, used in quality kitchens to offer a wide range of professional mousses to use from appetizers to desserts.

With Pacojet 2 Plus, starting from a frozen product, you can turn into a puree, mousse, paté or chop different foods; it is also very useful for creaming and emulsifying sorbets and ice creams.

Benefits of Pacojet 2 Plus

  • Speed ​​up your work! With Pacojet 2 Plus you will get mousses, patés, ice creams or sorbets, eliminating defrosting times. You will be able to prepare the ingredients in advance, put them in the steel cup and shoot them down. After chilling, you can choose to work them directly with Pacojet 2 Plus and serve them, or store them in the freezer to use them if necessary. Pacojet 2 Plus allows to work products at a temperature between -18 °C and -22 °C, to which the foods maintain the nutrients and the organoleptic characteristics. During processing, the product will then be brought from -20 °C to -12 °C in a few moments thanks to the blade speed.
  • Reduce waste! Thanks to the possibility of deciding the doses to prepare, you will never find yourself again having to throw away excess product!
  • Depending on the needs of your restaurant you can use Pacojet 2 Plus for both hot and cold preparations!
  • Install Pacojet 2 Plus wherever you want! This blender is not bulky due to its small size and requires 220 volts for operation.

How is Pacojet 2 Plus used?

Insert the glass with the product previously felled into the plastic support fixed under the blade using a professional blast chiller. Select the desired number of portions in the convenient digital display; you can set up to a maximum of 10 doses and if necessary fractionate them into tenths; Finally press the START button. You will transform the frozen product into a creamy paté, sauce, sorbet or ice cream.


  • Automatic vent
  • Touch display;
  • Power: 950 watt.

How to clean Pacojet 2 Plus?

To clean Pacojet 2 Plus, simply use a mixture of water and vinegar.

There are two types of cleaning:

Rapid cleaning is performed several times a day to clean the blade used to "pacify" different foods. Simply use the green blade holder and the steel cup, attach to the Pacojet 2 Plus and start the machine for a few minutes.

End of day cleaning, important for sanitizing and maintaining the machine. In this case the rotating brushes immersed in water and vinegar or sanitized in the steel cup are used. Fix the glass on the Pacojet 2 Plus and start the machine for a few minutes. The cleaning operation must be carried out at the end of each day and when between one processing and another it passes over an hour. This will ensure a long life for your Pacojet 2 Plus. 

Standard kit

  • Protective plastic beaker;
  • 2 chrome steel beakers;
  • Pacotizing® blade "Gold-PLUS";
  • Spray guard with preliminary scraper;
  • Cleaning insert
  • Rinsing insert;
  • Rubber gasket/sealing ring;
  • 2 lid for plastic beaker;
  • Stainless steel spoon.

Differences between Pacojet 2 Plus and Pacojet Junior

Pacojet 2, unlike pacojet Junior, is also equipped with an exclusive brushless motor and automatic air vent.

  • Speed: Pacojet 2 Plus is faster than Pacojet Junior.
  • Controls: Pacojet 2 Plus has a touch display while Pacojet Junior has mechanical controls.
  • Dimensions: Pacojet Junior is more compact.
  • Coupe Set: Can only be used on Pacojet 2 Plus.
  • Portioning: both create 10 whole portions; however Pacojet 2 Plus is able to calculate even the tenth of a portion and is therefore perfect for precise quantities.
  • Too Full Function: Pacojet 2 Plus is equipped with a sensor that recognizes the overflow and eliminates it gradually without the need to defrost.


1 year on spare parts.

The Pacojet 2 Plus professional is ideal for more sophisticated restaurants.

Ingombri Pacojet 2 Chefline
Supply (V/Hz) 220‒240 V/50‒60 Hz | 100‒120 V/50‒60 Hz
Power (W) 950
RPM 2000
Air pressure (bar) 1
Glass capacity (lt) 0,8
Working temperature (°C) da -18 a -22
A (cm) 18,2
B (cm) 36
C (cm) 50
Net weight (Kg) 15,7
Packing dimensions (L x P x H)(cm) 30 x 60 x 46
Gross weight (Kg) 19 



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