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Flywheel Slicer Disc 300 mm and Glass Top
€ 3.221,00
(€ 3.929,62 iva incl.)
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Volano Slicers Disc 300 mm

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The manual flywheel slicers, with a strong vintage aesthetic impact, have the same functions as the vertical ones. They are ideal for all those activities that need a vintage-looking machine which guarantees a perfect cut without heating the cold cuts. It is particularly suitable for slicing cured meats, especially parma ham (prosciutto).

Features of the hand crank meat slicer Disc 300 mm

  • This volano slicer has an enamelled aluminum structure, with stainless steel and silver anodised aluminum details.
  • Characterized by the ability to produce a precise cut, thus reducing the production of waste.
  • By turning the flywheel, it will be possible to manually adjust the speed of the blade and the tray.
  • The patented manual movement system facilitates the movement of the sliding plate in complete safety thanks to the presence of the clamping arm
  • Easy to clean thanks to the completely removable carriage.


1 year on spare parts.

This professional meat slicer is ideal for delicatessens


Manual Flywheel Slicer Disc Manual Flywheel Slicer Disc Manual Flywheel Slicer Disc
Model Excelsia 300
Blade Ø 300 mm - 12"
Cutting Thickness mm 0÷3
Max. Stroke Lenght mm 285
Disc mm 270 x 295
A 520 mm
B 180 mm
C 770 mm
D 625 mm
E 510 mm
F 855 mm
G 590 mm
L 90 mm
X 270 mm
Y 200 mm
H 200 mm
W 200 mm
Net Weight 60 kg
Packing 960x920x860 mm
Gross Weight Kg 78


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