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Automatic/Semiautomatic Flywheel Slicer Disk 350 With Glass Top
€ 7.031,00
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Automatic/Semiautomatic Flywheel Slicer Disk 350 With Glass Top

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

 Introduce into your delicatessen shop a vintage manual red automatic/semiautomatic flywheel slicer that guarantees a perfect cut of your sliced meats.

Flywheel automatic/semi-automatic slicer F11358402T

  • The new F11358402T Corse Red flywheel slicer has both automatic and semi-automatic operation.
  • By setting the semi-automatic operation, the blade will be powered by an electric motor, while the trolley will be advanced manually allowing to obtain a traditional cut with minimum effort by the operator.
  • The semi-automatic mode includes an innovative magnetic clutch system for the detachment of the mechanical transmission.
  • In automatic mode both the blade and the trolley will be automated for greater speed and autonomy of use.
  • Both the stainless steel pressers and the XPRT 350 A trolley can be dismantled to facilitate childcare operations.
  • The controls with colour TFT touch screen allow the selection of automatic or semi-automatic operation or continuous operation or with a slice counter.
  • This slicer is made entirely of cast aluminium, while the parts in contact with the product are made of anodised aluminium.


1 year on spare parts.

This professional flywheel slicer is ideal for delicatessens

Automatic/Semiautomatic Flywheel Slicer Disk

Model XPRT 350 A
Alimentazione 230V 50Hz F+N
Motore Watt 515 - Hp 0,7
Blade Ø 350 mm - 14"
Cutting Thickness mm 3
Max. Stroke Lenght mm 286
A 612 mm
B 382 mm
C 893 mm
D 749 mm
E 601 mm
F 643 mm
L 74 mm
X 300 mm
Y 235 mm
H 235 mm
W 235 mm
Net Weight -
Packing -
Gross Weight -


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