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Saladette Fridges for Pizzeria, Banqueting and Catering

Chefook saladette fridges differs fro prep fridges in that the engine is located on the lower part of the table, making it more compact; some models of our saladette counters are also complete with a worktop on which it is possible to display the food to be served or the ingredients to be used. Saladette counter fridges are particularly ideal for catering and banqueting and, by choosing the model with the granite top, also for pizzeria.

2 Door Saladette Fridge With Stainless-Steel Lids
Not available
€ 649,00
(+ IVA € 142,78)
Cod. SL02EKO
Not available
€ 749,00
(+ IVA € 164,78)
Cod. SL02NX
Not available
€ 769,00
(+ IVA € 169,18)
Cod. SL02GR
2 Doors Straight Glass Saladette Fridge CHEFOOK
Not available
€ 789,00
(+ IVA € 173,58)
Cod. SL02VD
2 Door Saladette Fridge With Granite Top, Stainless Steel 5 GN 1/6
Not available
3 Door Saladette Fridge With Stainless-Steel Hinged Lid
Not available
€ 929,00
(+ IVA € 204,38)
Cod. SL03EKO
3 Door Saladette Fridge Stainless Steel Worktop
Not available
€ 1.069,00
(+ IVA € 235,18)
Cod. SL03NX
3 Door Saladette Fridge With Straight Glass chefook
Not available
€ 1.129,00
(+ IVA € 248,38)
Cod. SL03VD

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