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Mussel Cleaner + Potato Peeler Machine Kg 10/20 lt
€ 2.487,00
(€ 3.034,14 iva incl.)
Item number
PPR 10 2V C-P+IV9800775P
Electric Potato Peeler And Mussel Cleaning Machine 1 kg 10/20 lt

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

This commercial potato peeler and mussel cleaner combined machine, has a capacity of 10 kg. It's appropriate for catering activities that require a practical, helpful and single solution to face the food preparation.

Advantages of the potato peeler / mussel cleaner electric combined machine

  • This automatic potato peeler / mussel cleaner is easily disassembled and inspected without the use of tools, thus facilitating maintenance operations.
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel to guarantee maximum solidity.
  • Easy to clean: the disassembled components can be easily washed in the dishwasher.
  • The washing machine is equipped with a rotation speed of 150 revolutions per minute while the potato peeler of 320 revolutions per minute.


Chefook offers 1 year warranty on spare parts.

Commercial mussels cleaner / potatoes peeler machine ideal for all catering activities

Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Features

Overall Dimensions (L x P x H) (cm) 47 x 77,5 x 105
Tank Capacity (kg - Lt) 10 - 20
Hourly Output (kg/h) 170
R.P.M. -
Net Weight (kg) 45,5

Technical Dimensions

Power Supply (V - Hz) 400 - 50
Output (W - HP) 368 / 662 - 0,50 / 0,90

Download Files

ENG manual PPR 10 2V C-P+IV9800775P Download

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