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Commercial Potato Peeler Machine 6 Kg / 10 Lt
€ 1.031,00
(€ 1.257,82 iva incl.)
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Commercial Potato Peeler 6 Kg / 10 Lt

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The Chefook commercial potato peeler allows you to speed up the preparation of your dishes by eliminating routine manual operations. Don't buy a second-hand commercial potato peeler, rely on new and quality products from the Chefook brand at the most competitive prices on the market!

Why use the Chefook commercial electric potato peeler

  • It is a durable and resistent tool manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel that replaces the long and laborious manual work. Peeling the potatoes will now be a quick and easy operation!
  • Thanks to this countertop potato peeler equipped with an abrasive 1/2 tank and a speed of 320 revolutions per minute, the potatoes will be peeled automatically and unloaded easily through the hermetically sealed quick release lid, thus speeding up the preparation of your food.
  • The powerful ventilated motors and the transmission system consisting of a self-tensioning belt make this equipment particularly powerfull even under strain.
  • The tank and the abrasive fund are easily removable without the need of tools, and can be washed in the dishwasher.
  • The components of the automatic peeler machine are easily accessible, making maintenance operations easy even without the need to overturn the machine.


Chefook offers 1 year warranty on spare parts.

Commercial countertop electric potato peeler machine ideal for all catering activities

Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Features

Overall Dimensions (L x P x H) (cm) 40 x 55 x 44
Tank Capacity (kg - Lt) 6 - 10
Hourly Output (kg/h) 150
R.P.M. 320
Net Weight (kg) 31

Technical Dimensions

Power Supply (V - Hz) 230 - 50
Output (W - HP) 370 - 0,50

Download Files

Manuale Pelapatate Da Banco 6 Kg - 10 Lt Download

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