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2-Door Worktop Fridge 70-cm Depth +0°C/+8°C Eko Line
€ 1.329,00
€ 898,00 + VAT
(€ 1.095,56 iva incl.)
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R290 gas
2-Door Worktop Fridge 70-cm Depth +0°C/+8°C

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Buy a Chefook commercial counter fridge for your catering business and effectively store your food products, reducing energy consumption and waste. It is recommended for its high performance and for its AISI 304 stainless steel manufacture which guarantees high resistance and durability over time.

With the new design we present the worktop fridge of the Eko Line entirely in Aisi 304 stainless steel

  • With thermoformed handles to ensure a better grip.
  • The ventilated refrigeration easily reaches even the most distant areas thanks to the grids positioned on the ceiling of the worktop fridge
  • The supplied grid will never tip over because it is supported by the "C" shaped guides already installed inside.
  • Energy waste is minimized thanks to the 6 cm insulation even for the doors which allows to keep the cold in an optimal way.
  • Automatic defrosting and doors with automatic closing equipped with removable magnetic gaskets for a perfect closing also contribute to energy saving.
  • Digital thermostat with which you can set temperature and defrosting Built-in inspectable engine to facilitate cleaning and maintenance Features.

1 Rilsan GN 1/1 grid and 2 stainless steel "C" guides each door supplied.

Adjustable feet.

Removable gasket.

Ventilated refrigeration.


1 year warranty on spare parts.

Chests of drawers

Do you need to buy the optional chest of drawers for your worktop fridge? Show us the position where you need them installed, marking in the "Order Notes" the number as in the diagram below!


optional additional chests of drawers


This worktop fridge is ideal for all catering activities.


Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm/in) 135 x 70 x 85
Packaging Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm/in) 140 x 75 x 97
Chamber Dimensions (L x W x H) (cm/in) 93 x 58,5 x 58,5
Weight (kg/Lbs) 100
Capacity (lt/UKGal) 260
Insulation Thickness (mm/in) 60
dB Noise Level (A) 42

Technical Features

Power Consumption (W) / Power Supply (V-P/Hz) 186 / 220/50
Refrigeration Type Ventilated
Operating Temperature +0/+8°C
Refrigerant Gas R290
Defrost Type Automatic Electrical
Testing (°C/RH) +30 / 55%
Energy Class C


€ 358,00
(+ IVA € 78,76)
Cod. E2Cas1/2PG-Eko
€ 467,00
(+ IVA € 102,74)
Cod. E2Cas1/3-2/3PG-Eko
€ 468,00
(+ IVA € 102,96)
Cod. E3Cas1/3PG-Eko
Grid in Rilsan (53 x 32,5 Cm)
€ 21,00
(+ IVA € 4,62)

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