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Countertop Commercial Gas Griddle With Grooved Double Plate - 90 cm / 35,4 in Depth
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Gas powered
Depth 90 cm
Gas Griddle 20GX9FR8B-2-CR

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The commercial gas griddle is ideal for all catering activities that opt for a "contact" cooking of meat, fish, vegetables and cheese. The temperature is evenly distributed on the plate, ensuring an even and optimal cooking of the food. The cooking residues are conveyed through the special channel into the discharge hole and collected in a large drawer.

LPG version upon written request in the order!

Features of commercial gas griddle 20GX9FR8B-2-CR

  • This gas griddle has a 2 mm thick AISI 304 18/10 worktop and double grooved plate coated in non-stick hard chrome.
  • The plate is heated by tubular burners placed under the top; the large flame generated evenly heats the plate.
  • The flame intensity is adjusted by means of a tap that allows the precise setting of the hob temperature with a range from +100°C to 240°C
  • To ensure operator safety, the frytop has piezoelectric ignition burners with silicone protection to prevent the risk of burns caused by possible sudden flames at ignition, while a thermo-torque safety valve blocks out any gas outlets in the absence of a flame.


Chefook offers a 1 year spare parts warranty.

This commercial griddle is ideal for all dining activities


Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm/in) 80 x 90 x 27 | 31,5 x 35,4 x 10,6
Packaging Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm/in) 88 x 108 x 62 | 34,6 x 42,5 x 24,4
Plate Dimensions (LxP)(Cm/in) | Surface (Cmq/sqin) 77,6 x 64,5
Net Weight (Kg/Lbs) 100 | 220
Gross Weight (Kg/Lbs) 107 | 247

Technical Features

Power (Kw) 13,8
Power Source (V/Gas) Methane Gas (Lpg on request)
Heat Exchange Type Gas Burners
Commands Type Mechanical
Temperature (°C) 100 - 240

Download Files

ENG manual gas griddle plate 900 Download


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