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Floor Commercial Gas Fryer 17 + 17 Lt (3,74 + 3,74 UK Gal) Capacity, 70 Cm (27,5 In) Depth
€ 2.989,00
€ 2.849,00 + VAT
(€ 3.475,78 iva incl.)
Item number
Gas powered
Depth 70 cm
Commercial Gas Fryer 20GXL17+17M

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

With this commercial gas fryer, you will be able fry food such as chips, fish, doughnuts and much more cutting oil change to a minimum. Do not buy a used professional fryer! Trust Chefook's Italian quality!

LPG version upon written request in the order!
1 extractable oil collector with 1 removable filter

Why is it convenient to buy a Chefook branded professional gas fryer?

  • This commercial deep fryer is equipped with a AISI 304 18/10 (1.2 mm thick) stainless steel top which is durable over time.
  • The stainless-steel tank is easy to clean thanks to its rounded profile. Food residues will not be burned because they are collected in a cold area at the bottom of the tank; this will lead to a less frequent oil exchange, as it will remain clear of impurities.
  • The professional fryer 20GXL17+17M allows you to fry food in just 5 minutes. Thanks to the gas supply, it will be possible to reach temperatures to 190°C (374°F), which can be adjusted by means.
  • The pilot flame, which ignites the burner flame, is ignited safely thanks to the piezoelectric power on battery ignition.
  • The installation of a thermocouple valve blocks any gas leakage when the burners are off. A safety thermostat prevents the risk of exceeding the safety temperature and the consequent boiling of oil.
  • It has a convenient hook bar for the baskets.

Additional features

The heat transfer takes place through tubular burners which heat the oil by passing inside the tank.


1 year on spare parts.

This commercial fryer is ideal for bars, restaurants, pastry shops, fry shops and delicatessens.



Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm/in) 80 x 70 x 85
Packaging Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm/in) 87 x 79 x 121
Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm/in) 112
Tank Capacity (Lt/ Imp Gal) 17 + 17
Tank Dimensions (Cm/in) -
Basket Dimensions (LxPxH)(Cm) -

Technical Features

Absorption (Kw) -
Power Source (V/Gas) Methane Gas (Lpg upon request)
Heat Exchange Type Gas Burners
Commands Type Electronic
Total Power (Kw) 33
Stainless-steel Type AISI 304

Download Files

ENG manual gas fryer Download


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