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Vertical Electric Sausage Stuffer 24 Lt
€ 2.958,00
(€ 3.608,76 iva incl.)
Item number
Hydraulic Electric Sausage Stuffer

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The hydraulic sausage stuffer with foot pedal is an automatic electric sausage filler equipped with a powerful and silent ventilated motor ideal for all catering activities that require a high-performance machine to produce sausages and salami in large quantities. Take advantage of the competitive price, similar to that of a used sausage filler!


Characteristics of the hydraulic sausage filler IS 24 VARIA

  • This vertical hydro sausage stuffer can work continuously producing sausages at a rapid pace. The powerful hydraulic system works at 120 Bar of pressure, ensuring maximum efficiency and high performance.
  • The airtight lid, the pad, the piston rod and the cylinder are in solid stainless steel. The controls are in IP 67 stainless steel.
  • All components can be easily removed, making cleaning operations easier.
  • Through the controls on the side of the motor it is possible to adjust the output speed of the minced meat.
  • The hydraulic piston is protected by a hermetic protection, preventing the residues from affecting the operation of the machine.

Additional features

The stainless steel ring and funnels can be purchased separately.


Chefook offers 1 year warranty on spare parts.

Electric hydro sausage stuffer ideal for restaurants and butcher shops

Hydraulic Sausage Stuffer 24 Lt

Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Features

Dimensions (A) (cm) 575
Dimensions (B) (cm) 45
Dimensions (C) (cm) 95
Dimensions (D) (cm) 116
Cylinder Capacity (lt) 25
Cylinder Lenght (cm) 46
Cylinder Diameter (cm) 26
Piston Stroke (cm) 38
Stuffing tubes supplied Ø Ins. (cm) 1-1,8-2,5
Net Weight (kg) 91

Technical Features

Power Supply (W) 520
Min. Speed of Emptying 2' 02''
Max. Speed of Emptying 51''
Piston Speed 32''

Download Files

commercial vertical sausage stuffer eng manual Download

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