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Plexiglas Protective Sneeze Guard For Desk
From € 91,00 + VAT
(€ 111,02 iva incl.)
Item number
C Shield
Plexiglas Protective Sneeze Guard For Desk

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Protect the staff and customers in your business with a pexiglas protective sneeze guard for desk.

Characteristics of Chefook's protective sneeze guard for desk

  • Chefook's tabletop protective sneeze guard is a durable transparent plexiglass barrier that can be placed on tables, desks, counters and customer service stations.
  • It is available with a single protective structure with folds for side walls or completely removable, with interlocking side walls.
  • Very easy to position, install and clean, it has a thickness of 4 mm, 2 support feet 20 mm thick and a central hole 30 x 15 cm (H)

Product variants

CODE Product Price SHOP NOW
COVID-19 Shield C Plexiglas Protective Sneeze Guard Unique Structure
Dimensions (L x P x H) (cm): 90 x 20 x 75 Central Hole (L x H)(cm): 30 x 15
€ 91, 00
(+ IVA € 20,02)
COVID-19 Shield I Interlocking Plexiglas Protective Sneeze Guard
Dimensions (L x P x H)(cm): 90 x 25 x 75 Central Hole (L x H)(cm): 30 x 15
€ 91, 00
(+ IVA € 20,02)

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