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Blender And Ice Crusher Combo
€ 725,00
(€ 884,50 iva incl.)
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Blender And Ice Crusher Multiple Group Equipment

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The Multiple Group Equipment combined with an ice crusher and a blender is ideal for all bars that want to use a two-in-one solution to optimize their space.


Features of the ice crusher and blender combo

  • Ideal two-in-one space-saving solution that maintains the technical characteristics of the original equipment.
  • The structure of the machine is made of aluminium with extruders and the sides are in ABS.
  • The powerful motors with forced ventilation allow you to cope with continuous working rhythms.


1 year warranty on spare parts.

Multiple Group Equipment is ideal for bars.


Blender And Ice Crusher Multiple Group Equipment

Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H)(Cm|In) 42,2 x 28,3 x 49,5
Net Weight (kg/lbs) 10,2
R.P.M. 14'000 ÷ 24'000
Capacity (Lt) 2 - 3

Technical Features

Power Supply (V) - (Hz) 230 / 50
Power (Kw) 150 - 0,20 ÷ 750 - 1

Download Files

ENG manual 6582340002LF Download

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