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Manual Meat Tenderiser
€ 1.296,00
(€ 1.581,12 iva incl.)
Item number
029900 FOX
Manual Meat Tenderizer

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

The manual meat tenderizer, is a manually operated processing food machine, essential for butchers and restaurants. It easily tenderises the toughest fresh meat parts in order to cook juicy slices and so offer very soft meat dishes guaranteeing maximum satisfaction.

Features of the Chefook manual meat tenderizer

  • This commercial italian meat tenderizer is composed of two plates equipped of hundreds knives. At the moment of pressure, they shred the hard parts of the meat such as nerves, tendon and layers of cartilage, making it more soft both during cutting and after cooking.
  • The knives unit is easily removable and consequently easy to clean, while the return springs are protected from the danger of infiltration of dirt or liquids.
  • The details of the machine and the sliding rods are in stainless steel, while the top is in polyethylene.


Chefook offers 1 year warranty on spare parts.

Manual meat tenderizer ideal for restaurants and butcheries

Manual Bladed Meat tenderizer

Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Features

Dimensions (L x P x H) (cm) 47 x 57,2 x 90,7
Working Surface (L x P) (cm) 21,6 x 28
N° Knives/Blades 32
Max. Working Height (cm) 6
Net Weight (kg) 25
Gross Weight (kg) 35
Packaging Dimensions (L x P x H)(cm) 72 x 77 x 57

Features Dimensions

Power Consumption (Kw) -
Power Supply (V/Hz) -

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