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Gravity Meat Slicer Slanted Blade 350 mm Automatic
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Automatic Meat Slicer Zaffira Blade 350 mm

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Zaffira 350 AUTO is an automatic gravity meat slicer capable of producing the same cutting quality as manual slicers. Solid and performing, it is able to support high workloads and to slice quickly.


What are the features of the automatic gravity slicer Zaffira

  • The Zaffira 350 auto meat slicer is capable of slicing 37 slices per minute, and is therefore suitable for all activities for which speed is a priority.
  • It is possible to switch to manual mode thus obtaining maximum flexibility of use.
  • The motor is ventilated and is equipped with an oil-bath gearbox, thus avoiding the risk of overheating.
  • Blade and automatism have separate controls.
  • The tray has a mechanical connecting rod system.

Additional features

Universal plate.


1 year on spare parts.

This professional automatic meat slicer is ideal for restaurants

Ingombri affettatrice zaffira 350 Automatica Capacità di taglio dell'affettatrice zaffira 350 Automatica




Power Supply 230V 50/60Hz F+N
Motor Watt 275+180
Hp 0,37+0,24
Blade Ø 350 mm / 14"
Cutting Thickness mm 23
Max Stroke Lenght mm 310
A 465 mm
B 340 mm
C 685 mm
D 660 mm
E 670 mm
F 700 mm
G 750 mm
L -
X 240/270 mm
Y 225 mm
H 275 mm
W 250 mm
Blade Inclination 35°
Net Weight 57 Kg
Packing Dimensions 840x840x750 mm
Gross Weight 72 Kg


Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (LxWxH)(cm) 70 x 66 x 67
Package Dimensions (LxWxH)(cm) 84 x 84 x 75
Blade (⌀ cm) 35
Net Weight (kg) 57

Technical Features

Power Supply (V-P/Hz) 230V 50/60Hz F+N
Absorption (W) 275+180

Download Files

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