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Commercial Meat Grinder/Grater Mini Chef 12
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Industrial Meat Mincer and Grater Mini Chef 12

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Chefook commercial grinder and grater, combine 2 equipment in 1 for chopping meat needed to make hamburgers, sausages, meatballs and grating a wide variety of foods such as cheese, dry bread, dried fruit, truffles, vegetables and much more!

Features of the industrial meat mincer and grater machine

  • This meat grinder combined with an electric grater has a solid anodized aluminum structure.
  • It is equipped with a ventilated motor that develops a power of 0.5 Hp and the load to which it is exposed is lightened thanks to a gear motor with gears in an oil bath.
  • You will be able to grate bread, cheese and much more, obtaining a very fine grain that will convey in a tray.
  • The grater is equipped with a safety device composed of two microswitches positioned respectively on the cheese collection tray and on the lever, which blocks its operation if the lever is not lowered and the tray is not in position.
  • The roller and the grater mouth can be easily removed for easier cleaning.
  • In the lower part you will find a practical drawer for storing the stainless steel plate and knife.


Chefook offers 1 year warranty on spare parts.

Commercial meat mincer and electric grater ideal for bars and restaurants

Commercial Meat GrinderCommercial Meat Grinder


Mini Chef 12

Power Supply Watt 370 - Hp 0,3
Output 230-400V/50Hz
TC Hourly prod. Kg/h 85
Supplied plate - Extruders diameter mm 6
A 275 mm
B 190 mm
C 520 mm
D 366 mm
E 100 mm
F 574 mm
G 452 mm
Net Weight Kg 21,5
Packing Dimensions 59 x 41 x 39
Gross Weight 25


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