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Manual Burger Press Machine Diam. 150 mm
€ 306,00
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Burger Patty Maker Machine

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Purchase an italian manual burger press machine! This professional patty maker will allow you to press efficiently and uniformly various types of burger patties: simple, stuffed, made of meat or vegetarian / vegan ones!

Why buy a professional burger press?

  • The strength of this patty burger machine is guaranteed by the high quality materials used to manufacture it. The body is made of anodized aluminum alloy and all the mechanisms are in stainless steel.
  • Available in 4 versions with different diameter sizes (100, 130, 150, 180 mm) to meet every need.
  • It is equipped with a tray for storing the films to be applied to the individual burgers.
  • The manual burger patty maker is practical to use and easy to clean!

Manual burger patty press machine ideal for bars and restaurants

Burger Patty Maker Machine Diam. 150 BST150

Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Features

Mould Diameter (mm) 150
Dimensions (A) (cm) 14
Dimensions (B) (cm) 26
Dimensions (C) (cm) 26
Dimensions (D) (cm) 33
Dimensions (E) (cm) 38
Dimensions (F) (cm) 46
Dimensions (G) (cm) 27,5
Dimensions (H) (cm) 36
Net Weight (kg) 7,5


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