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Three-Phase Commercial Electromechanical Dishwasher 50 x 50 Cm Square Basket, 31 Cm Useful Height, Detergent And Rinse Aid Dosing Devices Installed
€ 1.169,00
€ 1.049,00
(€ 1.279,78 iva incl.)
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commercial dishwasher, 50 x 50 cm basket D5037T

Electrical and gas-powered equipment and cooling equipment must be installed by qualified personnel.

Are you looking for an Italian commercial electromechanical dishwasher with the best value for money for your bar, pub or restaurant? Chefook has the right solution for you!

Why choose a professional electromechanical dishwasher mod. D5037T

Whether you run a bar, a pub or a restaurant , here's why choose this Chefook electromechanical industrial dishwasher:

  • Thanks to its simplicity and speed of use, it is suitable for all catering activities, especially small to medium sized ones.
  • The components have been improved over the years: equip your bar or restaurant with one of the most robust and reliable catering dishwashers on the market.
  • Both the renewed washing and the mechanical system guarantee greater performance and savings on energy consumption! Only two liters of water per wash cycle will be enough to partially change the water in the tank.
  • The door of this commercial front loading dishwasher is double-walled, reducing noise and vibration during use.
  • The washing impellers on on the top or bottom of the basket are equipped with nozzles printed directly on the washing arms; the rinsing nozzles are made entirely of stainless steel, which guarantees resistance to wear. The elimination of plastic on impellers and jets, combined with the use of stainless steel components, makes the catering dishwasher robust, limiting breakage and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Main features of the D5037T dishwasher

  • 120 second preset washing cycle, an ideal compromise for any washing need.
  • Its size, the  50 x 50 cm double basket and the  31 cm useful height, make this commercial dishwasher ideal for small / medium catering.
  • 380V Three-phase dishwasher: more power with optimized consumption!
  • Detergent and rinse aid dispensers already installed as standard inside the catering dishwasher, guaranteeing precise dosing at each wash.

Ideal dishwasher for bars, restaurants, pastry shops and delicatessens.

Dishwasher set

Standard kit
1 basket for glasses - 50x50 cm
1 basket for 18 dishes - 50x50 cm
1 cutlery holder
Detergent and rinse aid dosing unit


Technical Data Sheet

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm|In) 58,5 x 68 x 80,5
Packaging Dimensions (WxDxH)(Cm|In) 67 x 80 x 90 - 69
Usable Height (cm/in) 31
Basket (cm/in) 50 x 50
Stainless Steel Impellers (⌀ cm/in) 18
Washing Cycle (sec) 120

Technical Features

Power Supply (V) - (Hz) 400 - 3N+T - 50/60 Hz
Total Power (Kw) 5,02
Pump Power (Kw)/(Hp) 0,52 / 0,7
Boiler Resistance (Kw) 4,50
Tank Resistance (Kw) 3
Consumption Per Cycle (lt/UKgal) 2

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